“Once each of us, and then enough people become harmonious, extracting energy from the environment harmoniously will seem like the only real choice and it will happen with ease and grace.”

“Wow, Dane seems really different,’ thought Crystal.

What did Dane mean when he said “enough people?”

He was talking about what is known as the 100 Monkey Syndrome.

It shows how the teens really can make a difference.

What is it?

Well, once upon a time, there was a group of monkeys eating a particular kind of food on one of the small islands off Japan.

The monkeys would eat the food sand and all, until one day, one of the monkeys had the brilliant idea to wash the food before eating it. I mean, who wants to eat sand?

Anyway, it wasn’t long before the other monkeys on that particular island copied the idea. They didn’t want to eat sand either.

The really interesting thing however is that once all these monkeys were washing their food, other monkeys on a totally separate island began to wash their food. There was no way they could have seen what the other monkeys were doing, so they must have picked up the thought waves of the first group of monkeys from across the ocean.

This shows how powerful thoughts are.

We at It’s Our earth Too totally agree with Dane, free or new energy will seem like the only real choice once our society is more harmonious.