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Going international helped the teens realize that the need for truth was greater than they had ever imagined. They quickly saw the need to educate adults about fracking, when they learned about the ‘earthquake swarms’ in US States like Oklahoma and Ohio. Take Ohio for example, where a researcher from Columbia University found that:

“In a single year, 167 distinct earthquakes occurred in and around the town of Youngstown, Ohio. All of these were caused by just one wastewater injection well. It stored, over its life, nearly half a million barrels of the wastewater cocktail—including thickeners, drilling lubricants, and saltwater—forced to the surface of the earth by the fracking process.”

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Or how about the State of Oklahoma:

“The Wilzetta was a dead fault that nobody ever worried about. Then the drillers came. And so did a swarm of quakes.”


“Such seismic activity isn’t normal here [in Prague, Oklahoma]. Between 1972 and 2008, the USGS recorded just a few earthquakes a year in Oklahoma. In 2008, there were more than a dozen; nearly 50 occurred in 2009. In 2010, the number exploded to more than 1,000. These so-called “earthquake swarms” are occurring in other places where the ground is not supposed to move. There have been abrupt upticks in both the size and frequency of quakes in Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio, and Texas.

Scientists investigating these anomalies are coming to the same conclusion: The quakes are linked to injection wells. Into most of them goes wastewater from hydraulic fracking, while some, as those in Prague, are filled with leftover fluid from dewatering operations.

Given that the earthquake swarms are occurring in previously stable areas since fracking commenced, isn’t it obvious?

Yes. It is obvious!

Aside from the contamination that the chemicals in the toxic water would be causing, fracking by the oil and gas industry is triggering earthquakes in regions that otherwise should be relatively stable.

Barry’s Uncle Bob was obviously right and it is ridiculous that the fracking industry is denying this link.

Well actually, it’s not ridiculous because all the oil and gas companies care about is profits.

What is ridiculous is that Governments allow this and most people don’t seem to care.