What a great practical lesson for Bill Sceats. He’d been fed the Media story about Crop Circles being made by two farmers called Doug and Dave, and yet, when he was able to witness the Julia’s Set Crop Circle at Stonehenge, he knew, just as Farmer Ben said, that

“this is not the work of man.”

As noted above in the link ‘Julia’s Set’ this is actually based off a true story of a crop circle appearing right next to Stonehenge. Pilots flying back and forth over the area made it clear that the circle appeared within a short time, in daylight, and without anyone noticing.

Surely the real truth about crop circles must be one of the most important and interesting stories the Media could ever tell, and yet, ….they ignore it or misrepresent it. Dave and Doug were treated as media celebrities and, and by the way, no mention was ever made of the Crop circles that appeared while they were touring.

This bias shows how dangerous it is for the Media to keep on consolidating, as it removes independent sources.

In the link below, this trend towards domination of the Media by a handful of powerful corporations, is discussed in a typically thorough manner by the good folks at the Thrive Movement. http://www.thrivemovement.com/media-consolidation

As the graphic shows, Media ownership has in fact consolidated from 50 Companies in 1983 to 5 in 2010.

Surely this Media Concentration is a very effective way for those ‘owners’ to further their own interests.

One example they give is General Electric’s ownership of NBC. As GE will benefit economically from war, they may not be completely unbiased in reporting stories about whether the US should get involved with further conflict, such as in the Middle East.

As the following clip discuses, the Media was very strongly in favour of an invasion of Iraq, with something like only 3 from 400 interviewees expressing an anti-war sentiment. These numbers were clearly not reflective of the opinions of the American people at the time and this process has been described as ‘manufacturing consent.’

Manufacturing Consent – Amy Goodman

We think that often, the most illuminating insights come from Industry Insiders who change sides and ‘speak their truth, because unlike those who keep on towing the line, those that speak out often do so to their own detriment. When a two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner declares that:

“war is a racket, resulting in profits measured in dollars and losses measured in lives,”

well, we would expect it to be newsworthy anytime a war is being manufactured (oops, we mean contemplated).

Check out what this highly decorated soldier, Mr. Smedley Butler, had to say for yourselves:

Here is a more recent statement from former Marine Jon Michael Turner, who threw his medals into the audience as he bravely spoke of his wartime experience ‘for all of society to hear,’ and apologized

“for inflicting hate and destruction on innocent people.”

This video has had well over 2 million views, but I doubt you will ever see it on mainstream media.

It’s about time the people created their own Media so we really can be sure of getting important truths instead of things like Kim Kardashian’s latest whatever.