From ‘Dane’s Message’

What Dane said about light and vibration:

“That probably sounds weird so I’ll explain a bit more. Firstly, I saw that everything is really just light vibrating at different frequencies. All of us and all we see is just light which is ‘trapped’ in a way that appears to give it a solid form but really, everything is mostly space.

“We are made of atoms, which are like ‘mini solar systems’ so saying that we are solid is like saying a whole solar system is solid.”

It is really cool that Dane was able to see things the way people with great insight have been seeing them for eons. This has been accepted by our science but we don’t actually live it, or create solutions for our planet, that take this knowledge into account.

A great example is how we treat energy and what we do to obtain energy. The great Nikola Tesla saw many different ways to create harmonious alternative energy and as shown by the quote below, he saw things the way Dane did, and was strongly suggesting that others should do the same.

“The day science beginTeslas to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”  – Nikola Tesla

Dane also said:

“I saw this when I sat in stillness for what seemed like an eternity. I actually experienced the stillness that is between those vibrations. This stillness is actually a vast sea of energy outside of the physical realm.

“It is here that all of us are connected and it is from here that everything we see is constantly emerging, flashing on and off in a sense, at such high speed that it seems solid. It’s kind of like the way a propeller on a plane looks solids when it is spinning so fast.

“I saw how we constantly interact with this stillness. I saw that each of us literally creates our world by the way we direct and experience our consciousness, which is continually interacting with this field of energy.

“Each of us are powerful creators and we can enlighten if we choose, but we must be clear, the external world we live in won’t do this for us.

“Think about it. We are never really taught any of this in our modern world, which encourages us to follow others or be hypnotized by ‘entertainment,’ which dumbs us down and makes us denser (and darker).”

Mike Waters was fascinated that Dane said he was able to see the very pulses of creation, and even descend into the absolute stillness between each tiny pulsation.

He discovered that this was an accurate description of how we now understand things at the quantum (tiny) level. These pulsations never end, for we are constantly in the process of redefining our world with each pulsation.

Here is a quote from one of today’s leading scientific thinkers, which matches Dane’s comments, and also the ancient wisdom that ‘all are one.’

Nassim-Haramein“The space is what defines matter, not matter defining space. All matter emerges from the vacuum and returns to the vacuum, and once we understand this we lose our sense of separation. …When masters speak of the moment of illumination, they typically describe it as a unity with all things.”

Nassim Haramein, Director of Research

The Resonance Project Foundation

We would love to see Mike Waters get together with Nassim Haramein; now that would be one very interesting conversation.

Another thing Dane said was:

“Our True Nature is not something we are taught as part of our education but I wish we were, because it really changes your attitude. Even religions don’t really teach this in a way that people can understand, but I was once told that Jesus said:

‘To know yourself is to enter the kingdom of heaven.’

“I think this is what he was talking about. I’m no expert on religion but I can’t imagine that he was saying that one religion should have a war with another. I think he was saying we can all find true peace by really knowing ourselves and the unity that exists between all life.

Release of Limiting Programs – Dane also said:

“Because we are entering a new phase in our evolution, it’s time to say goodbye to disempowering programs, by being aware of them and not letting them drag you under.

Anything that makes you feel unworthy, or powerless; well just stop and recognize it, and try to let it go. Say ‘thanks for that but that’s not really me anymore.’

“Creative vibrations emanate from us constantly and the most powerful vibrations are those from our heart.

“Our salvation will be to go back to our hearts and give and receive love unconditionally, to all life irrespective of things like race and religion.

“Every act of kindness however small will help our evolution.

 heart-energy-1“Simply create the world you want from the inside out, first as individuals and then together as a collective of truly empowered individuals. There is actually science to support this. When enough people are on this path, it will snowball and grow of itself.”

The HeartMath Institute have done amazing science which supports what Dane is saying –please take the time to check out the article below, and please……start paying more attention to your own emotions.