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Putting this story in a Trilogy gives it a ‘living feel’, so it can evolve over a number of years, as human society also evolves during that period.

For example, The Awakening was written during 2012, in anticipation of the great alignment, whereas The Gathering, written during 2014, reflects the new energies initiated by the great alignment of 21 December 2012.

Has anyone noticed how many people are talking about truth, planetary changes and human evolution, now we are in 2015?

David has already seen teens in real life doing some of the things he wrote about in The Awakening and The Gathering, and this has given him even more enthusiasm for Book 3.

The other thing is that Book 3 will extend over a much longer time horizon than the others, because it is likely that proper effective change will take quite some time in the fiction world and the real world.

After all, the change from a narrow ‘material focus’ to a broader ‘energetic focus’ has been prophesied for thousands of years, so we can’t be too impatient.

Consequently, the third book in the Trilogy is currently still evolving.  It promises to be a journey across time and space to close the circle on this story. 

Who will prevail in the battle between light and darkness?

David says that writing this trilogy has definitely given him more hope for humans IF we can start to think for ourselves, trust our own intuition and work together, treating life as a co-creation.

He hopes many people will at least consider working to create a better world collectively, from the ground up.

Can humanity evolve into a more cooperative and enlightened race and take their rightful place in the Galaxy?

Will some of the solutions that are already on Planet Earth gain the critical mass they need for humanity to thrive and prosper?

We certainly think so…we are already seeing it and we hope you are too.

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