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“Ok, the confiscation of devices is history but why not get the plans back now,” suggested Dane. “Just start using them now for the future. I mean, are they saying it’s possible to totally give free energy to the world and people just don’t do it?”

Yes Dane, that is exactly what the movie Thrive suggests. Thrive is saying that ‘free energy’ exists and would already be in use already if not for it’s deliberate suppression.

Isn’t it in the worlds’ bests interests to use these devices? Who gives the power to those who suppress it for National Security reasons?

Check this clip out, it gives a good introduction to the free energy dynamics…

Check this clip out, it gives a good explanation of how Adam was prevented from demonstrating his free energy device…

Foster shows viewers how the torus flows around the vector equilibrium. Check out this clip which ties the torus into many ancient sites, and explains a very complex topic in simple terms.