Trust Mike Waters to raise such an interesting point. The following clip entitled –

The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence provides interesting and persuasive evidence to support what Dr Sheldrake is saying.

Our minds are ‘field like’ extending beyond the brain and having effect at a distance, just like magnetic fields extending beyond magnets and cell phone fields extending beyond our cell phones. Dr Sheldrake uses various real and accepted phenomena to make this point, and questions why this is not part of mainstream science. Significantly, this accords with ancient wisdom and makes sense of things like telepathy that modern science cannot explain.

For example, why can people feel when they are being looked at?

Experiments like pairing people off, blindfolding one of them and then having them guess when the other is watching them have been completed 100,000’s of times and clearly show results way above chance.

The sense of being watched even applies to close circuit TV and is well known in security industries.

It is also fascinating to see that the statistical studies of the telepathic link between owners and animals dramatically outweigh chance, discussed from 23:08. In the experiments Mike discussed, dogs clearly responded to owners simply deciding to come home. Also, why do cats often disappear when they are due to go to the vet. Mr Sheldrake actually called 65 vets in London. 64 said there was a clear phenomenon of cats disappearing and appointments being missed, and the other vet said they don’t even bother to make appointments for cats.

How amazing?

So why does our mainstream science refuse to acknowledge this?

Are they scared that people will recognize their power?

At 1:19:10, Dr Sheldrake talks about the taboo against society accepting this information. We think this is extremely important because people are being disempowered by this taboo.

“I submitted my work on the dogs knowing when their owners are coming home to the Journal of Animal Behaviour and got a letter back saying I am rejecting your paper immediately without refereeing because no referee for this journal would take seriously any claim that so called telepathy actually existed.”

How unscientific to not even look at the evidence.

Dr Sheldrake added that “The replication of my Telephone Telepathy paper was rejected by Perception Magazine, with the Editor saying “any experiment which shows positive results for telepathy must be flawed.”

This paper discussed an experiment whereby people named 4 friends, one of whom was told to call them randomly. Without telepathy, the chances of accurately choosing the caller would of course be 1 in 4 or 25%. However, the results from hundreds of tests showed 45% accuracy, showing that these people were able to predict who was calling with accuracy significantly above chance; in fact the odds of this were 1×10,000,000,000,000 as detailed in the attached movie at 34:17.

In the face of this dogmatic refusal, Mr Sheldrake pointed out to the Editor

“Surely you remember that Galileo had a problem with the Cardinals who refused to look through the telescope, aren’t you afraid that you are a bit like the Cardinals.”

Amazingly, the Editor responded “that’s a risk I am prepared to take.”

This answer caused Mr Sheldrake’s audience to laugh heartily but the reality is that this is no laughing matter; as a society, we are being disempowered and even controlled by these prejudices which amount to a distortion of the truth!

We love listening to Dr Sheldrake talk about this stuff. Not only does he have vast statistical evidence, he also has a theory to explain this. His theory of morphic fields and morphic resonance leads to a vision of a living developing universe with its own inherent memory.

This ‘morphogenic field’ proves that the sages were right, we are all connected.”

Here at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’, we salute Dr Sheldrake for being so tapped in, after all, wasn’t it Einstein who said, “The field is all that matters.”

We wonder why something Einstein said is all that matters, is something most people are not even aware of. I guess it’s not newsworthy?

This clip is longer and more detailed discussion of morphogenic fields.