Despite its name, this link is not about the science of Global Warming – it is simply named after a movie!

It was initially written at the time that a global Carbon Tax was being considered, in the context of our firm view that ‘taxing something’ will not necessarily make it go away. If anything, it will ‘institutionalise’ that thing through Government reliance on the tax revenue.

We still believe readers should think about this and form their own view because our society seems to assume that money is the answer to every problem.

In Australia, the Government taxes cigarettes and alcohol and has become more and more dependent and reliant on that revenue. 

Further, the carbon tax that was briefly introduced in Australia was actually a tax on electricity generation and every generation of electricity was ‘deemed’ to produce carbon emissions, unless the relevant means of generation was on a very short tightly controlled list.

Thus, a working free energy device would have been subject to carbon tax. This meant that financial modelling for the funding of an efficient energy device (such a cold fusion) needed to factor in the cost of carbon tax even though no emissions would be produced. This made it so much harder to fund such ideas at the time and seemed a ludicrous ‘chicken and egg’ situation to us.

Of course, not many people in Australia understood the details as David did, due to his Evolvesmart consultancy, his detailed reading of the Carbon Tax legislation and his advisory relationships with energy innovators.

We at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ are passionate about our planet and the urgent need for mankind to work with Nature. That is a fundamental premise of the Series.

However, as Aboriginal student Albert Rose said in the class discussion of a Carbon Tax:

“It should not be about money, the Earth is alive and all of nature is connected. If we harm the planet, we harm ourselves and our future.

Indigenous people have been saying this forever and nobody listens.”

We love Albert and his wisdom!

As stated in the scene where Crystal shows a clip from this movie:

“Whilst she chose a clip from The Great Global Warming Swindle, which basically says global warming is all made up, she opted for something light-hearted.

Instead of showing the scientists criticizing global warming, because she knew there would be other scientists making the exact opposite argument, Crystal chose the scene where scientists in all shapes and sizes explain what actually determines our temperature.”

Interestingly, in the six years since that scene in The Awakening was written, ‘global warming’ has morphed into ‘climate change’ and there is still argument going on between the scientists.

We are neither pro or anti-climate change and simply applaud any real efforts:

  1. to reduce fossil fuels and properly promote cleaner alternatives (with alternative energy a huge part of this Series); and
  2. to treat Mother Earth with love and kindness, (this is much broader than just reducing ‘carbon emissions’ and we prefer these efforts to come from a place of love, rather than fear).

And whether it’s Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever, we still do not think a tax on carbon alone would be the answer.

As noted above, it’s obvious to the teens in the book that taxing something won’t make it go away. As Dane said about the carbon tax in Australia…

“It’s just a tax Miss, how will it actually help the planet. The tax on poker machines has not stopped people gambling, the tax on cigarettes has not stopped smoking, and they just raise money for the Government. The Government ends up depending on the money, it’s stupid.”

In Australia, during a dispute with cigarette companies over product labelling, the Federal Attorney General stated that smoking was “the only product that kills half it’s users when used in accordance with its instructions.”

We find it so interesting that smoking is a huge source of taxation revenue.


Because despite this statement by the Government, it would leave a huge hole in the Government’s budget if it were banned, so it’s not likely to be something the Government would want.

Also, in the context of ‘Climate Change’ or rather, the environmental debate, we don’t think it’s just about CO2..!!

We think prominence should also be given to the impact of toxic man-made industrial chemicals on our environment, and also, that the carbon and general environmental impact of big agriculture should also be part of the debate.

As always, the discussions by our fictional characters are meant to make people think for themselves and we suggest that each reader form their own views based on what feels right to them.