It’s Our Earth Too is a fiction trilogy that weaves human and planetary evolution themes into three distinct books, each an evolution of the prior. The story is told through the eyes of a number of teenage characters and two adults and its being enjoyed by readers of all ages.

One reviewer said the story “truly confirms that there is a world of magic, a world of conspiracy, a world of control and a world of hope. And what an amazing way to teach our children. The story is FANTASTIC.”

The Awakening develops the characters and their passion for helping to change our world. They are an eclectic mix of cool kids, nerds, shy kids, crazy teachers, angry parents and even a politician. One reader said that after reading the Awakening she

“was overcome by a wave of goosebumps throughout my entire body. Wow. Enticingly wondrous, epically well put together bits of magic.”

The Gathering picks up right where the Awakening left off, with Crystal, Tommy and the gang witnessing light beginning to gather in various ways in their lives. The forces of darkness have their own agenda but many humans are feeling the call to align with Galactic and Universal Laws.

The efforts of the teens to reconcile with Nature gain great momentum. While a few of the characters have hilarious adventures overseas, others are caught by a dreaded school holiday flat spell with some very creative results.

The third book in the Trilogy will be a journey across time and space to close the circle on the story.

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