Why I wrote It’s Our Earth Too…

I was inspired to write this trilogy because of the appalling lack of truth in our society, the general apathy of my generation and the negative impact this has on teenagers, many of whom are unhappy and disempowered and at least aware of a peer who has committed suicide.

After retiring from a rewarding but demanding career in corporate law and investment banking, I had years of intensive learning and experience as a hands on parent of four teenagers. I became deeply concerned about a number of things including the lack of truth and direction our society provides for teenagers on their path to adulthood. The actual trigger for this story was the fear that the teenagers held surrounding December 2012.

I was shocked when my kids told me that many of their friends believed that December 2012 would be the end of the world! The kids were really fearful. It wasn’t just their fear that saddened me, it was their complete ignorance of what any basic research showed to actually be a Wonderful Evolutionary Opportunity. I felt that the media had really disempowered people around this opportunity and I wanted to present a more accurate perspective. This deception is discussed in more detail under the Book Link ‘The Great Cycle Ending.’

As it turned out, this deception was typical of our Society. Our systems and media feed our teenagers with disempowering information such as encouraging them to compare themselves with celebrities, or to believe that they must be rich, beautiful, constant consumers and/or on drugs and alcohol to be happy. They are able to complete their formal education with no real understanding of consciousness, energy, the healing power of positive emotions, the fact they are part of the Web of Life and so on.

Surely empowering our youth to nurture their own unique talents and lead happy and productive lives is a very big step in creating a better world. It might not be in the best interests of corporations, but it is definitely in the best interests of almost every person on the planet.

Are our priorities where they really should be?

I don’t think so.

I decided to write a Trilogy as this would allow me to complete Book One ‘The Awakening’ before the end of 2012 and also to write about the future in the next two instalments. I released the Awakening and received great feedback from teen readers. I even wrote to some journalists who mocked the ancient prophecies with my own prediction; that they would mock the ancients when the world did not end on 21 December 2012. Sure enough, this was correct but of course, they never printed or acknowledged my letters. Why would they? Many people still believe that the Media print truth rather than press releases and its not in their interests to change this perception.

Given my business and legal background and consulting work, I originally published The Awakening under a pen name, David Powers. In hindsight, I see more integrity in ‘owning my truth’ and am now in the process of republishing ‘The Awakening’ and the next two books in the series under my own name.

I hope you enjoy the story.

David Still June 2014