​​​​100 Monkey Syndrome

​The 100th Monkey Syndrome shows how teens awakening can really can make a difference to the way human’s behave.What is it?Well, once upon a time, there was a group of monkeys eating a particular kind of food on one of the small islands off Japan.  The monkeys would eat the food sand and all, until one day, one of the monkeys had the brilliant idea to wash the food before eating it. I mean, who wants to eat sand?Anyway, it wasn’t long before the other monkeys on that particular island copied the idea. They didn’t want to eat sand either.The really interesting thing, however, is that once all these monkeys were washing their food, other monkeys on other totally separate islands began to wash their food. There was no way they could have seen what the monkeys on the first island were doing, rather, they accessed the washing of their food via the ‘Field of Consciousness’ of those monkeys. That field, which the monkeys were constantly interacting with, had been altered once enough of their kind began to wash their food.     This obviously wasn’t a fluke.  It’s great proof that there are actually governing templates and principles orchestrating creation from within a vast field of intelligence.  This is highly significant, and in fact,  Albert Einstein once said that ‘the Field is all that matters.’

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, who is covered in more detail in other links, actually postulated a field of ‘shared behaviour’ for each species that evolves collectively.  The monkees are a great example of this.

This shows how powerful thoughts are and how it is possible for a small group of humans to influence human behaviour, simply by their own actions impacting the filed of shared behaviour for humans.We at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ totally agree with Dane, that current methods of getting energy such as combustion, exploding things and tearing things apart, with a focus on profiting from that, all stem from a consciousness of conflict and separation.  Conversely, ‘free energy’ or ‘new energy’ or ‘energy from the vacuum’, will seem like the only real choice once our society becomes harmonious. That could be a ways off, but don’t be discouraged and keep on working towards your own inner harmony using powerful tools like meditation.  We hope this story helps you know that YOU are having a bigger impact than you realize.It’s so powerful to understand that conscious humans can ‘re-engineer the Field’ towards higher frequencies and that is one of the big objectives behind this book series.

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