​​​​Indigenous Alaskan Wisdom

We have a confession to make, the character Jay meets in Hawaii in Chapter 37 of The Gathering, named Ilarion, is actually based on a real man. He is Aleutian Elder, Mr. Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff, who David actually met on Kauai, in much the same way Jay did.

The traditional name Ilarion means ‘bringing ancient wisdom to the modern world,’ and David was blessed to meet him and be part of their realization that their missions were similar and complimentary.

Ilarion grew up on a small island in the Bering Sea, something like 500 people and millions of animals, on an island 12 miles by 5. Like Jay and Byron, we are blessed to hear his true authentic Native Wisdom.

Ilarion’s society created the space for him to learn by experience, watching, listening and learning from Nature-not the television.

Interestingly, like Kareem, Ilarion says that the heart used to tell the mind what to do, and now the mind tells the heart.

We know you will love this amazing wisdom:

Larry ‘Ilarion’ Merculieff Ted Talk – Native Knowing

Larry ‘Ilarion’ Merculieff speaking on The Sacred Feminine and its return to the Earth.

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