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From ‘Dane’s Message’  

Dane – “The first step is to align our minds and bodies with this consciousness and that is exactly what things like meditation and yoga do. The benefits of connecting mind, body and soul.”


It is so counterintuitive to Westerners when they hear that ‘stillness’ carries great benefits. We are trained to constantly be busy, and to occupy every spare moment with one form of media or another.

David didn’t get this for so long, but eventually, he realized by experience that being still is like connecting to our own form of charger. It heightens intuition and mental focus.

Consider Mahatma Gandhi, a rather busy fellow who was trying to drive a colonial power out of his homeland and keep Hindus and Muslims from slaughtering one another.

At the start of one especially busy day, Gandhi said, “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”

Photo 4Meditate on that for a while.

It’s kind of the same for yoga. If we want to be fit, shouldn’t we be sprinting, lifting heavy weights, pushing ourselves to the limit?

Not necessarily.

Has anyone ever observed an experienced yoga teacher?

David’s oldest friend, a neighbor he met aged two, is now one of the world’s leading yoga teachers and he has observed in her an almost unworldly grace and calm, and an obvious sense of gratitude and acceptance with life’s ups and downs.

Photo 5People are often attracted by the physical benefits, but most soon realize the spiritual benefits of yoga go way deeper.

The article in the link below gives a great summary of specific benefits of yoga, but really, with yoga and meditation, the real benefit is connecting mind, body and soul to help you be in alignment with your true self. What could be a greater gift to our youth than to teach them this?

Imagine if our schooling programs introduced yoga and meditation from a young age. Our youth would learn to be calmer and more centered and much more able to deal with life’s ups and downs….just saying?

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