How cool is it that Craig chose ‘sunrise at Stonehenge’ for his tourist attraction? After all, whichever way you look at it, it’s a pretty amazing place. Even Vanessa was impressed!

Like most other things, researching Stonehenge can give vastly different outcomes that depend on what you are looking for.

Do you see the world as a place of wonder, beyond the way most of us live our lives?


Do you simply accept nothing until it’s ‘proved?’

If you are within the second group, things become a little circular, because our current mainstream version of science is often too narrow to prove or understand the miracles in our world.

We can’t really explain gravity, nor why a plant can push through concrete, so why would you accept the mainstream view that there are no miracles incorporated into Stonehenge; just because we can’t understand them?

As you will see, Stonehenge is aligned with the heavens, and with many other ancient sites across the United Kingdom.

We at It’s Our Earth Too, choose to accept the wonder that many very smart ‘independent’ people have discovered within Stonehenge and other such sites. To us, it is an impossible coincidence that these sites use Universal codes and harmonics and we think there is much more to them than meets the eye.

Like Harry Jensen in The Gathering, we are in awe of whoever built Stonehenge.

Imagine moving such large stones so long ago?

There seems to have been some ‘magic’ involved; but don’t expect everyone to believe this or see it, and really, we hope you don’t need that in order to see for yourself.

After all, there are people who actually still say that the laser accurate construction of the massive Great Pyramid in Egypt, was done by farmers using primitive methods.

That’s hilarious!

Imagine a pharaoh using his whole labour force over his whole life to build his burial place, not to mention that the pharaohs were all buried in the Valley of the Kings, anyway.

How gullible do they think we are? Really?

People will believe what they want to, it all depends on their frequency and also, they may have ulterior motives such as greed (more on that later).

Please read below for a discussion of the astrological alignments, the special nature of the stones used, and the harmonic mathematics of Stonehenge.

The Astrological Alignments

In The Gathering, Harry spoke of an Astronomy Professor from a big American University, who studied Stonehenge in detail and found a great many astrological alignments. It was virtually impossible, statistically, that these alignments were not deliberate. This Professor was based on a man named Gerald Hawkins.

The work and findings of Mr Hawkins are discussed in the following site, a paragraph from which is extracted below:


“Gerald Hawkins, an American astronomer, published the results of an intense study of Stonehenge’s astronomical alignments in Nature in 1963. In the article he described how he had used a computer to prove that alignments between Stonehenge and 12 major solar and lunar events was extremely unlikely to have been a coincidence (Castleden, 1993). His book, Stonehenge Decoded, containing the fully developed theory, appeared in Britain in 1966. He described how he had found astronomical alignments among 165 points of Stonehenge associated purely with the Sun and the Moon, and not with any stars or the five naked-eye planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn). He discovered that lunar eclipses could be predicted through a system of moving stones around the circle of Aubrey Holes.”

Preparing an intense study of those Astrological alignments and having it published in the prestigious Nature Journal, is hardly something a Professor would do if not convinced that the alignments were real and deliberate, and clearly,

it is miraculous that people of that age could even construct Stonehenge, let alone do so with such precision and awareness of the cosmos.

Gerald Hawkins Riddle

Mr Hawkins was obviously well aware of sceptics, because he set a very interesting riddle to prove that superior intelligence was behind one of his discoveries. Nobody was able to disprove this; this is discussed in one of the later reference links.

Below are some further discussions of Mr Hawkin’s work

“Meanwhile, Gerald Hawkins studied Stonehenge much later, in 1965, using computer programs. He found multiple solar and lunar alignments that correlated with the location of Stonehenge. He set his data so that the positions of the stars and planets would match where they were in 1500 B.C., when he believed it was built, and found that 13 solar correlations and 11 lunar correlations matched up with the megalithic stages. In other words, he believed Stonehenge was used to predict astronomical events. He also believed that it was built to align with the position of the summer and winter solstices.”



Photo 19-1And what about Stonehenge’s Mysterious Stones discussed briefly in this extract from Earth Magazine?

Stonehenge’s ruins at dawn. The bluestones at Stonehenge include many from the Preseli Hills in Wales, almost 250 kilometers away.


“The stones are discussed in the flowing paragraphs, from the above site:

“The remains of the monument include two primary stone types: bluestone and sarsen sandstone. The stones that form the external wall of the Stonehenge circle are sarsen sandstone, a hard, 60-million-year-old silicified sandstone similar to that of the Marlborough Downs, about 30 kilometers to the north.

The outer circle’s vertical sarsens are connected by sarsen lintels — the horizontal rock beams that give the monument its unique character. Within the circle is a horseshoe of even larger sarsens and lintels called trilithons — these are the famous “pi”-shaped structures. The mass of the largest sarsen is estimated at 40 tons — the equivalent of a fully loaded cement truck. About 50 sarsen stones remain, but originally there may have been many more.

The smaller Stonehenge stones, the bluestones, carry the most mystery because they are foreign to southern England. These four-ton bluestones, which take on a vaguely gray-blue color when wet, are for the most part igneous rocks. They are mostly diabase — chemically similar to basalt but intruded into other rocks at shallow depth rather than erupting — but also rhyolite and several types of pyroclastic volcanic rock.

The bluestones were arranged in a circle inside the sarsen circle. They were also set into a horseshoe arrangement within the sarsen trilithon horseshoe. However, there were many changes in the stone settings prior to the arrangement that we see today, and archaeologists have found traces that indicate that the bluestones may originally have been set in a double circle. Regardless, only 43 of these foreign bluestones have been identified in these smaller stone settings at Stonehenge. Of these, 16 are still standing; the others are either leaning, lying on the ground or traceable only through buried stumps. No one knows how many bluestones might have been there originally.”

It seems to us that somebody went to a lot of trouble to choose very particular stones and align them in a very particular construction. Perhaps the stones were chosen for their unique resonant properties, that is, because they vibrate differently to other stones that may have been more easily available.

This brings us to the Harmonic Mathematics of Bruce Cathie,

the man on which Harry’s chap from New Zealand was based. An airline pilot who spent over forty years researching UFOs, mathematics, geometry and ancient sites, Mr Cathie discovered what he called a ‘secret mathematics’ and an energetic World Grid.

He also discovered that ancient sites like the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge were sitting upon this grid, so he studied these sites in great detail.

As a result of this detailed analysis, he found these harmonic patterns in those various sites.

At 3 minutes, in the clip below, Mr. Cathie explains the implications of the science he believes is currently being hidden from humanity

“in one great surge of progress, the whole world can be turned into a material wonderland with planet for all.”

Shouldn’t more people be paying attention?

Specifically, Mr. Cathie says the evidence he has pieced together over the years, strongly suggests that modern-day scientists have discovered:

  • the secrets of anti-gravity and travel in space-time, which he notes “makes possible journeys to the most distant stars,”
  • the geometric structure of water and anti-matter,
  • the tapping of energy from the Earth at no cost,
  • transmutation of the elements, and
  • disintegration of matter by the use of light beams.

We hope his important work gets the respect and support it deserves. Certainly, he gets some attention.

Mr. Cathie started getting visits from guys in black suits and told plenty of people about this when he visited Australia to attend the Nexus Conference. As you would expect, these people, who like to keep things secret, have put comments on various sites saying that Mr. Cathie’s maths has been disproved, but they don’t give any details of this. They don’t explain why people from Washington D.C. were watching him so closely.

In relation to Stonehenge, just like Harry said, Mr. Cathie found that the radius of the Aubrey Circle harmonically corresponded to the speed of light; while the radius of the Saracen Circle corresponded to the square of the reciprocal of the speed of light.

This created some kind of canceling effect and along with the special resonant properties of the stones, meant that Stonehenge did operate as a vibrational amplifier of light and the interrelationship between the circles created all sorts of opportunities such as time travel.

We don’t understand all the implications of Mr. Cathie’s discoveries but based on his books and his words in film clips such as the one following below, we strongly believe he was genuine and that his is a path that should be explored for the benefit of humanity and not just a few secretive dudes in Washington D.C.

We are delighted to have found this amazing information from this dedicated humble man and we know that someone will one day take it to its next step.

He seemed like a really nice chap too, just like Harry said. Bruce Cathie we at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ salute you for your humility and dedication.

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