​​​​About The Author

As a father of 4 teenagers, David is passionate about helping our younger generations to realize their uniqueness and value, and to learn about the wisdom of nature and the true potential for humanity to flourish if they choose to.

After finishing high school David completed Bachelors of Commerce and Law and then a Masters of Laws from the University of Sydney (Australia). David spent 8 years as a commercial lawyer and 9 years as an investment banker, including senior roles with Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.

Feeling like a change from the corporate world, David retired from full-time employment in 2004 to focus, with his wife Kelli, on raising their 4 children on the idyllic far northern coast of NSW in Australia. During this period he assisted various charities such as Australia’s Disabled Surfing Association and immersed himself into learning as much as possible of the Laws of Nature and the Universe.

As a lifelong surfer, David is passionate about protecting our oceans and the environment and strongly believes our ‘modern’ way of life cannot be maintained. In 2010 David started a consultancy business ‘Evolvesmart’ to assist in commercializing technologies which will help humanity create a more sustainable future.

It’s Our Earth Too is intended to entertain readers whilst gently reminding them of the great potential of every individual to make a difference. He has been delighted with the response of teenage test readers who naturally resonate better with truth, than the violence, horror and celebrity worship that our media feeds them.

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