​​​​Awakening Our Relationship With Trees

My name is Ivy Watkins and I love spending times at Aunt Daisies Retreat, to be with the trees of course, but also for the great people I meet.  I met a lovely American couple called Martin and Teresa and they told me about amazing  tree awakening ceremonies they participated in.  Falco, the pioneer of the amazing Damanhur Community in Italy, apparently worked on tree activation for thirty years.  Wow!!

This video captures the magical effect of the ceremonies and the connection with Nature on everyone participating.  It shows adults genuinely acting like kids, as they embrace the playfulness of Nature.

“It’s not awakening the trees, it’s awakening our relationship with the trees,” one of the participants suggests, and this makes sense to me.  I have certainly awakened my relationhip with trees and its one of many special gifts from nature, in my life.

I believe that just watching this video with full presence of mind is actually will actually be a healthy activation and an important reminder of the crucial role that trees have played in the development of human consciousness e.g. the enlightenment of the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree.

This is my favorite quote from the movie:

“at this critical moment in human history where our fate is literally coming down to the wire,  it’s going to be the capacity of conscious humans to align themselves with trees and  the energy of Nature Spirits  that will enable us to gain the consciousness to move through what’s coming with grace and redemptive power.”

I hope you enjoy the movie and get a rush of youthful energy from just watching and most of all, I hope that you are inspired to awaken your own relationship with the trees.

Love Ivy xo


FROM DAVID – The need for, benefits of and potential to, align with trees is a very big part of the motivation behind the ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ trilogy.  I put out this attention and it was amazing how Damanhur connected with me.  Wait until you see how that unfolds later in the Series, its very special!!

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