Set in the beach side suburb of Avondale, ‘the Awakening,’ is the first book in the ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ Trilogy, a brave and enchanting tale, told through the eyes of teenagers Dane, Craig and Jay, their beautiful new teacher Crystal and unemployed lawyer Tommy O’Brien.

This captivating debut novel from Australian David Still weaves themes relating to human and planetary evolution into an interesting and engaging story line.

A thought provoking look at the choices now faced by humanity the Awakening is a must read for conscious young adults.

According to Dr Katie Erceg

“Through the characters, David connects with people who have the highest potential to change our future – the youth. Every teenager needs to read this book….A story that touches on values of friendship, trust, and love and that is also a strong call to action. It is up to the youth of today to change the future and what better way to plant the seed.


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