​​​​Circle Of Life

ONE LARGE CIRCLE DIVIDED INTO TWELVE PORTIONS symbolises the Circle of Life. Ancient cultures divided the circle into different areas of life in order to understand natural Law. Their well-developed systems, based on observation and correlation, travelled through Ages of time to become astrology.

In western astrology the astrological circle of life, the horoscope, is divided into twelve portions. Positioned on the left-hand centre section of the chart’s outer rim is the glyph that signifies the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. It clearly describes specific personality characteristics that play a major role in defining the identity, or event, in question. Each portion, or house, shows the different areas where that individual plays his or her unique game of life. The zodiacal signs connected to the planets show how the individual plays his or her life game within the different areas. The planets indicate what the specific game is being played.

Tommy’s Birth Chart

I’ll briefly interpret Tommy’s chart moving anti-clockwise from the Ascendant. This is the first house; the area related to his main personality characteristics and the image he shows the world. The second house represents the types of values Tommy holds dear and how best he can utilize them to earn a living that enables the creation of substance. The third house shows the way Tommy thinks, communicates, learns and moves through life.

Tommy O’Brien has a Leo Ascendant signifying he has innate leadership and creative abilities. Other chart indications connected to his Ascendant suggest he could easily develop professional global status. His Sun sign is also Leo and positioned in the first house. The image he portrays is that of a creative and courageous individual with the ability to shine his greatest light when he opens his heart to follow its guidance.

Venus in Libra in the second house demonstrates that he values relationships. He also values balance, harmony, and justice. He needs to develop these qualities in his inner life in order for his outer life to work well, especially in his relationships. His talents include mediating justice, the ability to harmonize confronting situations and to bring balance to his life. He may earn his money as a lawyer. Tommy’s South Node in Libra indicates he entered this life with diplomatic skills. However, he may have unfinished business in connection to relationships. He will have the opportunity to balance the karmic scales this time around. He is likely to attract prior life partners in order to do so. They will feel familiar.

Tommy’s Pluto in Scorpio in the third house signifies his form of communication can be powerful and that he is willing to expose hidden secrets that others may fear to address. He’s likely to develop an interest in metaphysics and want to know the truth behind what he reads, learns and sees. By developing his intuition he will learn how to synthesize data into a holistic understanding. Tommy may have a sibling he considers more powerful than himself, or who he can empower. During his life he is likely to find himself in situations where power plays occur. He may be called upon to use his knowledge to transform and regenerate outmoded societal systems

Continuing around Tommy’s chart the next house (fourth) contains two planets Saturn and Uranus. This is the area of life connected to home, family and roots. Sometime In Tommy’s childhood he is likely to have experienced an unexpected and shocking trauma that created separation from his home or family. He may take a long time to recover. Until he does he is likely to experience other sudden, upsetting and shocking events that throw his stable life into chaos. At some time in his life he will probably be attracted to a humanitarian endeavour that enables his leadership abilities to emerge. This could come about through a family connection. Saturn in the fourth house can indicate that Tommy has a karmic role to play for the greater good of humanity. Its unfolding is likely to take place through a family member. He may become a rock that other family members depend upon.

Tommy has two planets in the fifth house as Neptune and Mars in Capricorn. Neptune here signifies that he will experience inspirational spiritual guidance when relaxing or playing, yet may fear to act upon it. He will eventually learn to have faith in it. He may also fear falling in love because of fear that he may lose his loved one. He could encounter deception in love affairs until he learns to be discriminating with his choices. He may see a lover through ‘rose-coloured’ glasses and place her on a pedestal from which she will come tumbling down. He may allow his lover to cast a spell over him and he blindly falls into her trap.

His Mars positioned here indicates he could fight for the rights of children, or fight to alleviate the suffering of those he loves. At some time in his life he may be challenged to confront ‘the establishment’ so that justice will prevail. He may have two children, one an active boy and the other will probably be artistic, psychic and spiritual. He could become involved in a compassionate endeavour connected to children.

His Moon in Capricorn in the sixth house of daily work, service and small animals indicates he will be called upon, at some time in his life, to serve his family by playing a nurturing and supportive role. This might also entail the caring of a small animal. His mother is likely to be, or have been, a professional woman who possibly initiated reforms in her working life.

Moving around Tommy’s chart to the seventh house, the house of relationships, we find one planet, Jupiter, positioned here, in the sign of Pisces. Tommy’s compassionate nature is likely to be aroused through his love relationships. However, with Pisces here, he could experience deceit or loss. It may also be through his partner(s) that he travels widely to gain greater spiritual understanding.

Contained within the eighth house is Tommy’s North Node in Aries. This placement shows where and how his greatest soul growth is to occur. He can choose to go along with the desire of his soul, or not. Resistance will not serve him. His soul desires that he become empowered to the greatest degree possibly by instigating pioneering action to regenerate outworn conditions. To do so he may have to gather his confidence and resourcefulness to regenerate a system badly in need of renewal. He will have the financial resources to do so and knows they will need to be used wisely. He will also be called upon to empower others so they too can develop the confidence to fight for what they value.

The ninth house is empty so the affairs of this house may not be as important to Tommy’s spiritual growth path as the others.

The tenth house is the area of life signifying career, profession or status. Tommy has Chiron placed here. Chiron’s archetype is the Wounded Healer. Wherever the energy of this cosmic body is placed in a natal chart is where the individual will experience a sense of inadequacy and of feeling wounded. At some time in Tommy’s professional life he will experience a “wound” involving loss that could be the result of prejudiced belief. The loss is connected in some way to the trauma he experienced when young. There appears to be a karmic theme running in Tommy’s life that involves loss – of a family member and/or loss of status or career. Tommy has a particular mix of energy that enables him to carry out healing work, possibly through writing or public speaking, that arouses compassion. His work may take him around the world.

Tommy’s eleventh house is empty and in his twelfth is the planet Mercury, placed very close to his Ascendant in Leo. Mercury is the archetypal ‘Messenger of the gods’, and, in this position, indicates Tommy could be psychic, and possibly telepathic. He is likely to receive intuitive messages that guide him forward. Hopefully he will learn to trust, and have faith in, his inner guidance. It will lead him to the understanding of how every major turning point in his life has been geared towards the attainment of his potential, and his purpose for incarnation.

This brief analysis is but the tip of an iceberg. There is so much more information I could write. What I have written will demonstrate the value that is gained through understanding your astrological blue print.

Words & Tommy’s Chart Reading kindly written by Ashtara

Ashtara is an Australian professional astrologer, inspiring spiritual guide and teacher; writer and entertaining speaker in the field of human consciousness, spirituality, metaphysics and holistic health.

She is dedicated to awakening and empowering individuals to access higher states of consciousness that enable spiritual enlightenment and optimum health through mind/body/spirit union.

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