​​​​Corporations Ain’t People

Has anybody noticed that an increasing number of humans are struggling to survive whilst large multi-national corporations are flourishing?

The Teenagers in ‘The Awakening’ and ‘The Gathering’ certainly have.

There is an unprecedented transfer of wealth from individuals to corporations and the teens are asking why?

They understand why the Corporations want this, because like Craig said, corporations only care about their own profits and so if they were ‘persons’ they would be sociopaths which is a condition involving ‘a total disregard for the rights of others.’

What the kids don’t understand is why everyone simply allows and accepts this imbalance and keeps participating in a system that gives the corporations more and more power.

The rights of Nature are also being totally disregarded but not for long if Tommy and the teens have their way.

Here are some imbalances that need to be rectified.


  1. Corporations and persons are both ‘persons’ in the eyes of the law and Nature basically has no rights.

Is this really an appropriate balance of rights? Of course not and this imbalance is exactly why humanity is in so much trouble today.

Humans have souls and can act with compassion. Corporations single-mindedly chase profits, which means they act like sociopaths (i.e. people who totally disregard the rights of others).

By giving corporations equal rights we, the people, are empowering sociopathic behavior by organizations with interests completely opposed to ours?


  1. Humans are presently struggling to survive while corporations are flourishing. They have created systems, which perpetuate their market dominance.

Unless the balance of power is restored they will flourish until the system implodes.


  1. Most people can’t even afford to go to Court but Corporations routinely challenge every person and law they don’t like.

They have armies of lawyers and basically it would be a bad business decision not to use them to their advantage and virtually always challenge new laws impacting their business.

  1. Corporations have large Media budgets. A select few control Media content. It is hard for the people to get a fair say as information is very carefully filtered.
  1. Corporations have large budgets to buy politicians. That is, corporations have massive amounts of free cash to fund election wins without limitation and to lobby extensively for the laws they want. These expenses make great business sense.
  1. Corporations fund their own science and control academia. What a good way to stop new ideas that threaten existing dominance to be discredited as being ‘unscientific.’

As one of the teens said:

“We don’t get enriched by stuff. This means we don’t have to waste the Earth’s resources making stuff we don’t really need.

Its only corporations that want this and they don’t even have souls.

How crazy is that? We are spiritual beings allowing the way we live to be controlled by things that aren’t alive and don’t have souls.”

We at IOET hope adults can collectively work this out soon.

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