​​​​Corporations are Sociopaths

From ‘Dinner at Tina’s’

“You know,” said Tommy, “I worked as a lawyer for years, knowing that the law treats corporations as if they were ‘persons’ and I never thought about this but corporations aren’t human, they exist just to make profits. That is all they care about.”

“So, if they were a person, they would be like a sociopath or something?” asked Craig.

“I think that’s the term for someone who totally disregards the rights of others.”

“Yes it is and yes, you make a good point, Craig,” said Tommy, “They do behave like sociopaths and I really don’t think they should have the same rights as persons.”

A good cross example of typical corporate behavior can be found at: http://act.stopcorporateabuse.org/content_item/corporate-hall-shame-2014

The Hall of Fame Awards for the worst companies of 2014.

My vote is Chevron, for dumping 18.5 billion gallons of chemicals into the Ecuadorian Amazon and then hiring 2,000 lawyers and legal assistants to cover up the environmental impacts and avoid taking responsibility or paying for clean-up.

Who can blame Chevron, its charter is to maximize profits so if it can avoid a large damages payout by spending less than the amount of the payout, it will do so every time.

Chevron doesn’t have a soul, nor does it need to breath in oxygen. The same goes for Phillip Morris International; a few years ago during the fight about ‘plain packaging’ for cigarettes, I heard Australia’s Federal Attorney General say that ‘smoking is the only product that, when used in accordance with instructions, will kill half it’s users.’

Funny it’s not banned, but I guess the Government makes too much revenue from smoking to consider that.

The point is that people need to educate themselves that corporations will never seek the best outcomes for humanity- its called a conflict of interest.

As Governments depend more and more on cash, they are also bound to chase the money and have a similar conflict in many cases (such as making large amounts of money taxing cigarettes and alcohol).

Once people understand this basic conflict between corporate interests and their interests, they will start to work together for solutions that involve a collective benefit for humanity.

Corporations and Governments will be less and less relevant to these solutions.

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