​​​​Emoto’s Crystals

Gathering Chapter – The Wisdom of Kareem

Dr Emoto was an incredible Japanese man who David had the pleasure of meeting.

David remembers,

“Dr. Emoto had an angelic energy and said ‘it’s all about the children.”

Dr. Emoto passed in October 2014.

Here is a lovely tribute from Dr. Joe Dispenza:


Dr. Emoto was a being of love and compassion, so it makes obvious sense to us that he would be able to see the effect of human consciousness on water and unlock these incredible ‘secrets’ of water.

Dr. Emoto’s technique involves taking photographs of water frozen under certain conditions to reveal crystalline patterns or in some cases, chaos.

This is done at the microscopic scale.

This video, Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto gives a great overview of his work.

The technique is explained, and images are shown at

Water Crystals

How graphic a comparison between the chaos of heavy metal and Elvis ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ with the exquisite geometries of Amazing Grace, Edelweiss, Beethoven and so on.

Even ‘Imagine’ showed a beautiful crystalline vibration, we feel because of its LOVE.

What music are you listening too?

We at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ see a world where people will be aware of the vibrations of their water, and will accordingly strive to raise their frequencies.

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