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Empowered Youth Event – June 14, 2015


Empowered Youth Event – June 14, 2015

Next Event: July 19 at 4.00pm at 6/20 Stevens Street, Nerang, Qld, Australia.   We hope to see you there.

“We are all about empowering the youth of today. They are the future of humanity and deserve to be heard and acknowledged. They think differently and have smart ideas for the future. Stay tuned to hear all about how amazing they are…”

Thanks to Paul and Ashleigh and the gang from Organic Family Co for hosting our previous and first Empowered Youth Event, on 14 June.


Here are Paul’s words about the event:
“David Still’s first monthly Empowered Youth event was my best day ever…

We met young men and women…who often demonstrate more maturity and common sense than us who have been here for many more moon cycles! 
We honoured and treated these wise teens and twenty somethings to a very challenging rite of passage (smile) by opening their own fresh unhulled north Queensland coconut, hot chocolate Chai and popcorn on arrival, discussion about what they want and how we can be in support…free energy cars boats and homes, inspiring videos of what youth are doing in the world RIGHT NOW and then we shared organic dinner and after wrapping up a divine day at around 930pm a most magical visionary creation and manifesting fireside chat rolled on until 11.11 pm….hmmm.

We all felt it…this was a special moment unlike any other…and we do it all again in a month yes!”

Thanks Paul, we can’t wait to do it again on July 19 at 4.00pm at 6/20 Stevens Street, Nerang, Qld, Australia.

Our youth are our future and they need to be Empowered with our attention and respect.

Next time we will be focusing on ‘energy’ and leaving behind some limiting beliefs our schooling tried to teach us, but which we always knew were illusions.

We don’t all have to be great at Math – everyone is a genius in their own right, all have a special skill and our youth need to understand this so their own gifts can be discovered.

One great example we discussed last time was Aiden Dwyer.

Aiden was hiking in the forest and after wondering how trees in a crowded forest gather enough sunlight, he saw a pattern and thought there must be a mathematical sequence involved. Sure enough, Aiden discovered that the Fibonacci sequence determines how the branches in a tree spiral, and he applied this to create significant efficiencies in solar power.

How cool is that!

This story confirms the main points of the ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ series.

  1. Nature already has the answers we need as it’s been solving problems for billions of years; and
  2. The next generation are amazing, and must be heard.


If anyone knows how to contact Aiden, please let us know, we’d love to send him ‘It’s Our Earth Too.’


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