Trust Ivy to know about Findhorn. She really is tapped in to the spirits that one. Here is what she said.

Findhorn is a wonderful story that most people would never believe, but it’s true, it’s been documented. During the 1970’s a couple were guided to contact and cooperate with nature spirits and devas. With the help of these spirits, and lots of hard work, they grew incredible trees, flowers and vegetables on windswept barren sand dunes in the north of Scotland. It shows just how powerful the Nature Spirits are.

The spirits say they just want to help us and have fun, and they are sad because humans are taught that they are not real. We have so many problems with our food, and yet, we ignore those who were sent to help us.”

To us here at Its Our Earth Too, it makes wonderful sense to honour the Nature Spirits, to humbly ask that they help us to tend the garden and that we may play together as the seeds of our abundance prosper.

We are not suggesting this will happen overnight, but it will get easier as mutual trust is redeveloped between humans and elementals. We think its helpful to hear from the Findhorn pioneers about when they got started and we’d love to hear your tales about nature spirits too.

Co-creation with Nature

Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean all followed a disciplined spiritual practice for many years before they came to live at Findhorn, and they continued their regular meditation times when they came to live at the caravan park.

In May, 1963 Dorothy Maclean received an insight from within as she meditated:

…The forces of nature are something to be felt into, to be reached out to. One of the jobs for you as my free child is to sense the Nature forces such as the wind, to perceive its essence and purpose for me, and to be positive and harmonise with that essence.

When Dorothy shared this insight with Peter, his idea was to apply to their fledgling garden of what Dorothy learned from the forces of nature. Dorothy then received this insight:

…Yes, you can cooperate in the garden. Begin by thinking about the nature spirits, the higher overlighting nature spirits, and tune into them. That will be so unusual as to draw their interest here. They will be overjoyed to find some members of the human race eager for their help.


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