​​​​Firewater, Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace

My name is Crystal and I have just started teaching at Avondale High School.  In just a few weeks, I have already had some dramatic learning experiences ‘through the eyes of my students.’ Seeing them react to the Movie ‘Firewater, Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace‘  made the movie so much more shocking to me than the first time I watched it with adults.  Of course, it’s appalling that waste from industrial chimneys that can’t be disposed of in rivers or the oceans due to its toxicity, is added to our municipal water (we drink from this and most ends up in waterways anyway, via our showers, so it’s a ‘pollution double whammy’).  Because it is scrubbed from industrial chimneys,  each batch usually includes various other toxic industry by-products such as lead and arsenic along with the ‘fluoride’  and some of the waste even comes from China.  People just assume it’s natural or pharmaceutical grade, but it isn’t.  Proof of this information is found in the movie clips and book extracts below.

The Kids’ Reaction

As a teacher, what shocked me more than these facts, was the kids’ reactions to them.  They had much deeper questions than the adults I watched it with.  Not just ‘Why put toxic waste in our water?’ (thanks Jay) but ‘Why would the prominent Dentist in the film below, who admitted this was a big mistake, be ignored?’ (thanks Charlotte).   As Barry Hobbs said, it took guts for Dr. Andrew Harms to come out and admit that supporting water fluoridation was a mistake.  The kids didn’t understand how this ‘confession’ could just be ignored and I must say, Beth and I were confused about this too.  They wondered if their parents knew and if so, ‘Did they care?’  ‘Were they just happy to shower and bathe in water that puts toxins into their skin (and ultimately their organs and bones)?’

‘Who’s job is it to protect people in this situation?’ ‘ What other health risks in our society are known about but ignored?’

It definitely got me thinking to see the world through their ‘eyes of innocence’ and as you can see below, Beth and I discovered much shameful evidence against this practice.   Not only do Governments and Media ignore the truth, they fire and insult professionals who admit truth to help peoples’ health.

More Research

The ‘fluoride’ component of the waste which is  toxic industry by-products such as sodium hexafluorosilicate and fluorosilicic acid, does not occur naturally. What the?  We are sure most people don’t understand this.

What’s more, these additives have never been tested. There were initially tests on pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride which is totally different, and even these indicated health and cancer risk factors that were ignored (see below), but surely industrial grade waste that includes much more toxic fluoride compounds, along with other toxic by-products, is far worse.

I probably should have anticipated how angry the kids would be. Who wouldn’t be angry to know that such untested toxins were added to their drinking water.

Beth and I talked about it and thought maybe the only ones who aren’t angry are those who simply cannot even believe that this could happen. Unfortunately, there are many such people in Australia. Imagine adults ignoring such a crime against humanity. What about your own children? They say it dumbs you down and in Australia, we reckon its definitely working!

We always try to be positive and ended up visualising a future where issues like this will be transparently and independently examined for the benefit of our society, especially the elderly who often have kidney problems (making it worse) and babies (who don’t even have teeth). In America,  babies are protected by warnings to bottle-feeding mothers not to feed babies with fluoridated water, but not Australia).

Please check out the clips and information below, including the Firewater documentary in full, an interview with the author who wrote  ‘The Fluoride Deception’ which details the history of this being first introduced in America. 

Another dentist ‘confesses’

There is also a link to a ‘confession’ by a dentist who was a leading advocate of fluoride and then looked at the studies and realized data was ‘cherry-picked’ and that they did not show any actual dental benefit  from water fluoridation. His link is also interesting for his extreme honesty as he explained how professionals like dentists are not objective, and will fight to prove they are right, just so they won’t be wrong!!  How does he know, because he used to do it too. Isn’t that putting their egos ahead of peoples’ health?    John Colquhoun, D.D.S Ph.D, we salute your turnaround and your honesty (see more from John below).


Australian Society – Please explain how you can be apathetic about this..!!! So many other countries have woken up, protested and had the practice stopped.  As the kids wondered, why hasn’t Australia picked up this information?  Why could we ignore professionals who gain nothing from such disclosures, which can actually hurt their careers?

The link below from the movie the I showed the kids,  ‘Firewater: Australia’s Industrial Fluoride Disgrace’ shows Doctor Andrew Harms, Former president of the Australian Dental Association, admitting that he was wrong to ever endorse fluoridation:

“I didn’t realise that we were not using natural fluoride, but we were using a common industrial waste, coming from the superphosphate industry and also industrial waste from China, the origins of which we do not know. It is not pharmaceutical grade, its industrial grade”.

At around 6.30 in this clip, he explains why there appears to be an improvement in teeth but that he thinks  this “is bogus” as there actually is no difference in decay rates due to fluoride.

He also explained how his fellow dentists were upset that he raised this and told him not to mention this for fear of upsetting their sponsors, you guessed it, the makers of fluoridated toothpaste. He was concerned that Australia at least warn mothers who were bottle feeding babies, not to use fluoridated tap water, as such warnings are used in America.  This item was abruptly removed from the meeting agenda and Dr Harms resigned from his role with the Australian Dental Association.

Dr Harms also recommends The Flouride Deception, a book by the excellent and thorough journalist Chris Brystrom who has extensively researched the origins of fluoridation of a means for companies like Alcoa to get rid of their toxic waste.  Read more about this below, or watch this compelling interview with the author:

[Add Interview from Fluoride and I Q]

Chris Brystrom has done an exhaustive 10 year study which goes right back to the beginning and shows via internal company memos and so forth, how big companies cooked up this whole idea. According to this excellent documentary, they paid doctors to say it was safe because people trust(ed) what doctors say. Brystrom even discovered internal memos discussing the need to hide evidence that it is unsafe, such as the adverse results of tests done on dogs.

According to Brystrom, the Mellon Institute supported fluoride safety, and also argued for years that tobacco was safe, that lead in petrol was not a problem, and asbestos was OK.  The extent of the science and medicine for hire, and its power when used through a biased media, really was horrifying to Beth and I.

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Experts fired for speaking the truth

Sadly, Brystrom also showed how the toxicoligists and cancer specialists who realised how bad even pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride was (let alone the toxic waste varieties) and reported on this, were sacked and had their funding stopped etc.   As discussed below, Dr William Marcus was the Senior Toxicologist with the EPA’s office of water.  That is the part of the ‘Environmental Protection Agency’ that ‘protects water’!!!

Dr Marcus discovered that tests results about fluoride and cancer were misstated. He said it should have been made clear that fluoride was a cancer causing carcinogen, and in return for his thorough and diligent work in his role as a ‘protector of society’ Dr Marcus was fired.  He subsequently won a Court case showing he was just doing his job, and still this issue is ignored!!   The kids are right to wonder about this if people who are brave enough to speak the truth suffer personal loss and get ignored anyway.  Why bother??

In the 1990’s Dr Phylis Molynix went from being an industry funded leading neurotoxicologist at a Harvard affiliated Institute, to being a voice in the wilderness. Why?  Because she presented test results showing that that fluoridation of water is reducing children’s I.Q’s.  When she was asked if she was really saying, in effect,  “That fluoridation of water is reducing children’s I.Q’s?”  , she said “Yes, that is what I am saying.” Within days, she was fired and her funding was cut off.

Truth proved a rocky road for these two brave professionals, who are included in David’s dedication for this book.   Phylis and William, we salute your honesty and abhor your treatment.

Another Dentist Confesses

A few days later, Beth discovered a Ph.D dentist from New Zealand who used to recommend water fluoridation and then realized the studies saying it helps teeth were put together in a misleading way and didn’t really support any benefit.  I  strongly recommend Dr. Colquhoun’s detailed analysis of how misleading studies were devised to make it look like fluoridation reduces tooth decay.  Here is part of it:

“I looked at the new dental statistics that had been collected while I was away for my own Health District, Auckland. These were for all children attending school dental clinics — virtually the entire child population of Auckland. To my surprise, they showed that fewer fillings had been required in the nonfluoridated part of my district than in the fluoridated part.”

I also enjoyed his honest account of his own personal awakening.  Here are two quotes from his informative article Why I Changed My Mind About Water Fluoridation  https://slweb.org/colquhoun.html

“I had been taught, and believed, that there was really no scientific case against fluoridation, and that only misinformed lay people and a few crackpot professionals were foolish enough to oppose it”…

and another……

“I now realize that what my colleagues and I were doing was what the history of science shows all professionals do when their pet theory is confronted by disconcerting new evidence: they bend over backwards to explain away the new evidence. They try very hard to keep their theory intact — especially so if their own professional reputations depend on maintaining that theory……”  John Colquhoun, D.D.S Ph.D,

Finally, it is interesting to hear of the involvement in water fluoridation of Edward Bernays, who is said to be the father of “spin”.  As discussed in more detail in a later link, Bernays wrote an influential book called “Propaganda” and was responsible for campaigns to start women smoking and sell the dental argument for fluoride.   To quote Bernays:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country”.


Editor’s Note – The evidence that it was all cooked up as a way to get rid of toxic waste, finally makes sense of how this could actually have happened. Why else would we poison our water?

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