​​​​Flower of Life

The design that captivated Vanessa, you know, the one that Heath said was also his favourite, is what is known as the Flower of Life.  It is the Universal symbol for the connection between all life.

Photo 20-1Here is an example of the Flower of Life created by amazing artist and sacred geometry wizard Jonathan Quintin: see www.sacredgeometry.com.au



This design is found all over the world, as discussed in this short excerpt from Thrive.

It is interesting to note that Foster Gamble’s speculation about this design being fundamental to our Universe has been proven by Nassim Haramein in his significant Unified Physics Paper: ‘Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Field

We think it is amazing that Mr Haramein took so much trouble to see what the ancients were trying to tell us, and then actually proved its key role in the very fabric of space time.

We hope to see Nassim Haramein receive the public acclaim and institutional support his intelligence and lifelong dedication to his work deserves.

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