​​​​Julia’s Set

Gathering Chapter – Dinner at Heath’s

We love the story of the day Vanessa met Heath.

Dragged to watch the sunrise at the ancient Stonehenge standing stones, by her nerd brother Craig.

Who’d have ever thought it would turn out so well?

What a fluke for them to be there on the day a crop circle appeared?

A crop circle appeared in broad daylight!!

Who could write this stuff?

David Still?

No, this isn’t fiction, it REALLY HAPPENED.

In fact, it was actually, a huge, incredibly complex and geometrically perfect crop circle, within over 150 circles and it appeared next to Stonehenge and a busy motorway, in broad daylight and nobody saw anything!!

It’s all documented, yet not considered newsworthy for the mainstream who are kept tragically ignorant about such wonders.

In fact, most people still think that crop circles were made by two farmers, using bits of wood.

As Heath’s brother Jimmy said, talking about the fictionalized Julias Set Crop Circle in ‘Dinner at Heath’s:

“If this particular Stonehenge Circle was done by two farmers, now THAT is just as newsworthy.”

We totally agree.

Um, how did they align over 150 circles in perfect mathematical harmony with marks or footprints?


Because they were no tracks or footprints.

Also, how come nobody saw them do it in broad daylight?


Perhaps, and wasn’t it clever the way they bent the plants without cutting them and even changed the direction of the roots of the crops inside the crop circle.

Who would have known that those farmers would be experts in Universal Geometry as well as levitation and invisibility?

We think the Julias Set Crop Circle, and this whole saga is incredible information that people should know, which is why it was included in ‘It’s Our Earth Too.’

This is an actual photo of this event, use with the consent of the photographer, Lucy Pringle.

crop circles near Stonehenge aerial shot

Look closely at the circles.

Think about how this could have appeared in broad daylight?

If you want more details……..

Check out the clip below by the Funkmeyers, for a pretty funky but actually an excellent and comprehensive explanation of this Julias Set Crop Circle phenomenon, as fictionalized ‘It’s Our Earth Too.’

Math in the Fields: the story of the Julias Set Crop Circle

By The Funkmeyers

We direct anyone who wants to know more about this subject to the work of Mr. Freddy Silva best selling author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles.

Crop Circle Lecture 1

Here is an interview with Mr. Silva on Coast to Coast Radio

Mr. Silva Interview

Freddy’s work has been very helpful to many people I know.

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