​​​​Mac Danzig – Ultimate Fighting Champion

Mac Danzig (UFC MMA Fighter) became vegan for his own medical reasons and never looked back.

‘Most people think vegetarians are all hippies but that is not the case.’ This point was obvious to the class as they watched Mac’s incredible fitness and strength, and his aggression in the ring.’ – Mac Danzig

We were always told it was impossible to be an athlete without meat and dairy.


This Fuel for the Fighter website that Mac is not alone when it comes to elite tough athletes (it does also feature Mac).

The Fighters

We love this quote from elite athlete Jake Shields:

I was raised without eating any meat, and I have never noticed that I was missing anything in terms of my strength and endurance, in fact just the opposite.  I’ve always been in great shape both as a wrestler and as an MMA fighter. I eat lots of great foods, get plenty of protein, and many of my friends have now cut down or cut out meat, and they all say they are feeling better than ever.  Give it a shot.”

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