​​​​Natural Intelligence

From ‘Dane’s Message’

What did Dane mean when he said:

“Harmony and order are the true states of the Universe and our man-made world is the exception.

The Universe is self organizing, but our pollution and destruction of nature, our greed and unequal sharing of wealth, our wars and bigotry; virtually all that man creates is chaotic, unnatural and disorganized.”

What he meant was that our Universe is continually organizing itself and evolving in accordance with the fundamental principles and laws of Nature, which create a profound order in accordance.

These relationships give rise to patterns that are evident in Nature such as the Golden mean spiral, found at all scales from our DNA to Galaxies.

Photo 1Dane also said

“Perfect geometries and spirals of light exist throughout the heavens and these patterns of perfection are everywhere from the way planets orbit each other to the way a tornado spins, or how the petals on a flower are structured, or even in our very DNA.”

Dane saw what is known as ‘sacred geometry’, which can be seen in Nature at micro and macro levels.


Photo 2By contrast, man ignores these relationships and simply builds things in ignorance. This creates inefficiencies and blockages in the flow of energy.

We are constantly separated from this Natural Intelligence, in many ways. For example, many people never get to spend time in Nature and as a collective species; we mostly follow the artificial 12-month Gregorian calendar.

Simply moving to a 13 month moon calendar would see humanity automatically be much more in synch with Nature.

Imagine collectively celebrating the New Moon and Full Moon like ancients did. Those of us humans who do this already, know, as Nature does, just how powerful it is.

Photo 3

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