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From ‘Dinner at Tina’s’

One of the amazing natural communities included in the Trailer was Damanhur in Italy.

The following quotes about Damanhur; are extracts from http://www.damanhur.org/en/what-is-damanhur

Nestled in the alpine foothills north of Piedmont, Italy, between Turin and Aosta, is a truly magical place on earth called Damanhur. In a 15-kilometer area surrounding the lush, green valley of Valchiusella lives a very active, multilingual community of 600 people.

Damanhur is a resilient Federation with its own Constitution, culture, art, music, currency, schools and uses of science and technology. Its citizens are open to sharing their knowledge and research with other groups and cultures of the world, with anyone who is interested in exploring these themes.

In 2005, Damanhur received recognition from the United Nation’s Global Forum on Human Settlements as a model for a sustainable society. The award was no accident.

It was the result of Damanhur’s deep respect for the environment as a conscious, sensitive entity and our citizens’ commitment to co-existing with the plant and animal worlds (as well as intelligences that inhabit this universe) in a reverent and nurturing way.

One expression of this philosophy is Music of the Plants, in which communication with the plant world inspires concerts where the musicians are trees, and plants play music alongside human musicians.

Damanhur citizens cultivate organic food and livestock, and restructure and build according to green building principles.

Damanhur’s organic agriculture can currently handle about 50% of the food needs for its 600 citizens. In addition to production, the goal is to preserve the quality of the food. After all, it’s important to eat healthy foods, and they should also taste good! All forms of agriculture, animal raising and food conservation are carried out according to organic criteria, avoiding any risk of GMO contamination. These days, perhaps the only guarantee of food authenticity comes from knowing where and how it was grown.

Some citizens have created companies in the fields of renewable energy, eco-clothing, food production, and much more.

Damanhurians prefer natural healing methods and a holistic view of wellness, but not to the exclusion of science and medicine.

The goal is to appreciate life in all its forms, while leaving the lowest possible impact on the environment. Where appropriate, leading-edge technologies are employed as a valuable ally in the defense of health and nature.

Falco Tarassaco, nee Oberto Airaudi (1950 – 2013), was the founder and spiritual leader of Damanhur. We pay tribute to this great man, his vision, and everyone who has been a part of this great community ever since. Let’s hope more and more of such communities appear across the Earth.

Another of the amazing natural communities included in the Trailer was Findhorn in Scotland.

Findhorn achieved miraculous plant growth in poor soil due largely to the founder’s ability to communicate with Nature. Check out the story at http://www.findhorn.org/aboutus/vision/co-creation/#.VNxhUsb_TjI

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