​​​​One Man, One Cow, One Planet

Nature thrives on harmony. Chemicals and pesticides are not harmonious. Natural fertilisers promote a sustainable biocycle.

We salute Peter Proctor. He understands the power of nature and knows that all we must do is provide the ingredients for nature to do its thing. We must stand in absolute awe of nature, rather than be thinking we can and should control it. His movie is a brilliant overview of the long-term problems of chemical farming, stating:

“We’ve taken chemicals so adept at annihilating the enemy and turned them against nature and ourselves.”


How wonderful to see Indian farmers embracing Peter Proctor’s wisdom. What a character, as the movie said,

“He has a fascination for worms, he knows more about soil than almost anyone on the planet and his favourite animal is the cow.”

Do yourself a favour and watch the movie…



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