January 17

It’s Our Earth Too – The Gathering


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It’s Our Earth Too – The Gathering

Book Two – The Gathering

The Gathering continues on where The Awakening left off. Teenagers are awakening across the Earth and joining Teens for Truth as they plan their reconciliation with Nature and continue to seek answers to basic questions like why is toxic waste added to our drinking water.

They create new causes such as ‘Corporations Ain’t People’ pointing out the absurdity of our laws treating corporations as if they were persons and ignoring Nature as if it was nothing to be concerned about.

The teens continue to awaken the reader to the fact that our world is kind of upside down, in their own simple and effective way.

The characters we know and love from The Awakening continue to entertain us and their character and relationships continue to develop.

Just as there are forces of light ‘gathering’ in support of the teens, so too the forces of darkness such as corrupt politician Doug Toovey and his henchman Felton Ross are trying to stop the teens.

Check out what has been described as ‘a highly entertaining follow up to The Awakening.’

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