“I have just finished It’s Our Earth Too…I could not put it down and I am in total awe of David’s writing ability. The story should be scripted and made into a movie as soon as possible….!!
What a story…what a message…David has nailed it!!”

Darcy, Surfboard Shaper – Gold Coast, Australia

“I found this book to be extremely enlightening and informative yet somehow relatable.
I definitely can’t wait until book 2.”

Tess, aged 16, Australia

“David Still has taken some of the most confronting and important issues facing humanity today, and presented it in an eye opening, engaging manner that really raises awareness. Through the characters, he connects with the people who have the highest potential to change our future – the youth. Every teenager needs to read this book… A story that touches on values of friendship, trust, and love, and that is also a strong call to action. It is up to the youth of today to change the future, and what better way to plant the seed?
A truly great read.”

Dr Katie Erceg B.Sc.Chiro; M.Chiro; D.A.C.N.B

“Eye opening, informative and a fun read. The book is relevant and truthful, whilst not being boring.
A ‘must read.’”

Aaron Barnes, aged 18 Australia

“I love the way this book has such an eclectic range of characters so that it is much more relatable to a wider audience. I personally find myself drawn to Ivy and her interest in astrology and nature spirits that you wouldn’t usually read about in a book that is also educational and presses on current issues.
I am excited to read book two.”

Bianca Westhoff, aged 20 Australia

“I was totally enthralled by the book, David, you HAVE TO write and publish the next one SOON. I’ve never had this feeling before when reading a book……The messages were profound and clear, I feel I have to go back now and read it again and make some notes on more things that I want to research. You truly confirm that there is a world of magic, a world of conspiracy, a world of control and a world of hope. And what an amazing way to teach our children.
The story is FANTASTIC.”

Brigette, Mother – Gold Coast, Australia

“As I shut the back page of book one, absorbing and feeling each and every word that was written, I was overcome by a wave of goosebumps throughout my entire body that lasted a good 5 minutes. Wow. Enticingly wondrous, epically well put together bits of magic. Sharing and connecting for all. Being the change…..I absolutely loved it. I am looking forward to the next part of the trilogy.
This needs to be on Oprah!!! Spreading the Love.”

Kym – Massage Therapist

“David Still’s book is a standout in personal growth for teenagers. This book involves and educates our young – teaching them to question, answer and act on our pressing earthly issues. It is written with youthful enthusiasm and aims comfortably as a “can’t put it down enjoyable educational read.” Well done David David! At last, a life choices manual to kerb teenager apathy.
I give it 5 stars!!”

Darryn Ann Gordon, Physical Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist – Australia

“It’s our earth too”, written by David Still is a captivating story full of eye opening real life content which is cleverly displayed throughout the novel.

The author follows the lives of several characters, from their changing views on the world they live in, to surfing competitions and love interests. I could not put this book down! I loved the way the characters developed throughout the story and how passionate the teenagers become about their planet and the way they decide to make their voices heard by banding together.

This totally inspiring novel has left me wanting more. I can’t wait for its sequel to discover how everything will unfold and what challenges the characters will face next.”

Emily-May, aged 20, Australia

“This book achieves a rare balance between entertainment and enlightenment. Poignant ideas and mind-blowing facts are woven seamlessly into a story of discovery, love and empowerment which will leave readers both shocked and inspired. The authenticity of the characters and the author’s profound insight into humanity keeps you captivated throughout and leaves you desperate to read more.
A true awakening for readers.”

Isabel Mackay, aged 20, Law Student, Australia

“It’s Our Earth Too is a must-read for the youth of today, many of whom feel dis-enfranchised and powerless about the mess they will be inheriting from the older generation who have been plundering the Earth’s resources as if there were no tomorrow.

As well as a captivating storyline delving into the lives of a group of Australian teenagers, it addresses critical issues of the day. It demonstrates that the voice of the young is a force to be reckoned with. It shows how, rather than be swept along the path of self-destruction as the result of corporate greed and lust for power; they can assume a pro-active role and make their voice heard.

Although addressed to teenagers, the book is by no means limited to that generation but applies to everyone who draws breath on this planet and would like to continue doing so. It is shows the enormous lengths and depths of subterfuge, misinformation and downright lies that the powers that be attempt to cast upon us… and offers a tangible means that we the people can take to expose the institutionalized propaganda that is designed to keep us in the dark.

This is a book that offers hope to a generation facing what at times may appear to them to be a hopeless future.
Read it and share it… because sharing is what it is all about.”

Jonathan Quintin, Cosmologist, New Zealand

“I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘Awakening’. It’s very easy to read and keeps you interested to know what will happen next. During my life I have seen some very big changes in the way we live and I really like the way David Still suggests that we go back to having a stronger connection with community and nature. I was disappointed when it finished and can’t wait for book 2.”

Josie Crowe, aged 88, Australia

“What a gift David Still has bestowed upon us all, especially the youth of today and for many generations to come…
The Awakening, the first book in the It’s Our Earth Trilogy, is an inspiring tale of a young teacher who empowers her students to be the change we all want to see in this world we live in to make our future on this planet a better place despite coming across adversaries who would rather control the masses by misleading them than, by honouring themselves and in return humanity by speaking the truth and letting higher consciousness and true awareness be their inspiration and motivation!!!!
David depicts the importance of the youth of today becoming aware and more conscious of how our actions affect Mother Earth. Unless the youth of today start answering the call of nature in the many forms that it calls out to us, at times screaming in the hope that someone will hear, and starts making some serious changes, there will be no Earth and there will be no us as we are all one with it… as David so well puts it
“All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but the one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things are connected. We are a part of the earth and it is a part of us.”
David Still has captured a very strong and true message for those who have the front seat to make and see this change actually happen in such a simplistic, easy, entertaining read…
A must read for all the youth of today and also the parents that help guide and teach those who, tomorrow, will be empowered to oversee this place we call home…. ”

It’s Our Earth Too – The Awakening, Review for World Yoga Magazine

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