​​​​Science and Aboriginal Wisdom

Gathering Chapter – The Wisdom of Kareem

We love the way Kareem teaches Craig and Mitch and the others to see the connection between ancient wisdom and modern understanding.

So with what we now know about water, it’s no surprise when he explained to them, that the ancients gave their prayers of gratitude to the water each morning.

They understood, what we are just now understanding, and we say how amazing for their health as they were structuring the water in their bodies through their daily prayers.

This new ‘overlap’ between ancient wisdom and modern science is fascinating, but to us, it’s really just modern science starting to catch up with what indigenous people have always known.

I was amazed to hear of how the aboriginal people of Australia, talk of reality.

They talk of Yuti that which is perceivable by the senses and seemed to me to match our concept of atoms and electrons and so on.

They also talk of Tjukurrtjana, which is the dreaming from which matter emerges, created from magnetic information waves by human intention.

To us, this matches the way modern unified physicists would talk about everything interacting with the Field, which Einstein said “was all that mattered” because this is where our reality manifests.

Over and over, we are seeing an alignment between new science and old wisdom, and it gives us great hope.

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