​​​​Simply Raw, Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

My name is Warren, but my school friends call me ‘Tubbsy’ and you can too.  Miss Stevens showed us this amazing movie called ‘Simply Raw, Reversing diabetes in 30 Days.‘  This movie really had my attention because diabetes is in my family and everyone says it’s inevitable that I will get it.  I guess I’m kind of overweight and people say I’m stuck with that as well because it runs in my family, but I’m really scared of needles and I don’t want diabetes.  Anyway, this movie made me think that’s not true. It’s about a totally cool experiment with diabetes sufferers, just like my mum, who thought they would be taking their insulin for the rest of their lives, just like my mum thinks she will be.

It was pretty funny, they were kind of like prisoners forced to eat healthy foods they didn’t like at first.  It was also serious because once they realised that the healthy food was affecting them and healing them,  they began to ask questions like ‘Why didn’t my doctor know this?’ or ‘Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?’

The main thing that affected me was their emotions, like, at first, they were in pain and wanted their old food but they were so determined, one lady said she knew this was her only hope of a normal life.  Anyway, she and the others stuck with it and  the new diet affected their blood sugar and they were reducing their insulin doses.   They were so happy as  the insulin kept reducing and they also started to really enjoy the raw food.  When they completely got off their insulin, it almost made me cry!  It made me think about myself and my mum and I was really happy when Hobbsy recommended that I borrow the video and show my family.   My mum was really affected by the story and the message that ‘You are what you eat’ and she started to cry, in a good way.  Thanks Miss Stevens, it looks like diabetes is not inevitable for me!!

Thanks Warren!!

If you are interested in being healthy and how diet affects your health and especially diabetes, we recommend that you check this trailer out and see why the kids were so inspired, especially Warren Longbottom. You can literally see their ‘life energy’ getting a recharge from the healthy ‘live’ food.  If you watch this movie and you are not inspired, you better check your pulse, you may be dead.


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