Hi my name is Mitch Waters.  People used to call me the SuperNerd but not so much now.  It’s so exciting that Miss Stevens is hosting a Solutions Day Forum (oops I should say Crystal, but I guess it’s just a habit).  She started all of us on that path and it feels great that Ivy and I are speaking there.  As Crystal said, we see ‘energetic harmony and balance’ as a key theme for mankind’s solutions.  Before I discuss specific solutions, I would like to talk about a ‘big picture’ framework so people can get why we need to do things VERY differently if humanity is to survive.  This is very important because the world has been full of brilliant ideas for years and yet it seems we are going in circles.

The main point is that we live in a Universe that is way beyond our comprehension in its stunning efficiency and brilliance.  So it obviously makes sense to defer to that efficiency and brilliance and interact respectfully and harmoniously with the Universe at macro and micro scales, because this brilliant creation we are all in together deserves nothing less than our complete and utter reverence.

Clearly, since the Industrial Revolution, this has not been the case.  Mankind has been tragically disharmonious and disrespectful of Nature at the macro and micro scales.  In musical terms, I would say that mankind has met Nature’s indescribably exquisite symphony of light with a raucous cacophony of dissonant sounds, which would barely even qualify as music.

Changing this makes great sense because, as the great Albert Einstein said:  “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

So how can mankind be more harmonious at macro and micro scales?   Well, one way is to recognize that all life is non-visibly connected within a unified hologram that is light, repeating the same fractal patterns at all scales.  Has anyone ever noticed that an atom looks like a planet? Once we do see the connection between all life, we understand that each thing affects the whole and the importance of achieving resonance and avoiding  dissonance become self-evident.  It is then that solutions emerge that are much more aligned with Universal Principles.

In considering the whole, we need to take non-physical phenomena into account and it’s about time.  As the great visionary, Nikola Tesla said

     ‘The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.’

“We’ve let over a hundred years pass since Tesla said those words, but now, it’s time to heed them and look at people and things, as energetic patterns, interacting with other energetic patterns within a living connected Universe.

The obvious change connection engenders is to stop being at war with ourselves, whether it’s our ‘medicine’ where we deem part of the body to be sick and cut, burn or poison it, or our farming where we destroy ‘pests’ with toxic chemicals that come into our bodies.  Take glyphosate for example, it has now been shown to cause cancer and cancer cells are basically acting as if the are unaware that they are a part of something bigger i.e. the body. Those cells act as if they are separate to the body, which in their case is to rapidly multiply for their very survival hence causing rapidly growing tumors. Can anyone see how an one act of separation had manifested another and then another as the medical system goes to war with the cancer cells rather than trying to encourage the body to get back into balance.

There are situations where chemotherapy has worked, but that doesn’t mean it’s sound to poison the body.  In actual fact,  the body conducts a staggering number of cellular reactions at anytime and in the realm of quantum biology, it is a supercomputer and superconductor way beyond man’s capacity, so we think it’s better to work with the body and give it everything it needs and let it do the rest.

Our ‘humanity collaboration’ realized some years ago that there were various brilliant visionaries who were doing this and coming up with great ideas  as a result of realizing that we exist in a sea of energy. This is exactly what the visionaries were doing, and now it seems people are finally more open to their perspectives.

“When we look at things energetically, we see that energy likes to keep moving, so that the ‘signals get through.’

Mitch quickly updated the audience on the phenomena of Biomimicry, whereby solutions come from mimicking Nature’s efficient use of its resources.

“This efficient transfer of information in Nature occurs due to the exquisite elegance of natural systems, whereas man-made things tend to scramble or block energy and therefore distort the signals.

“So what are the signals?” Mitch asked.

“They are the trillions of ongoing messages of light and information, that constantly define us all.

“The incoherence of man-made environments often blocks or retards this information exchange. We see great potential to eliminate damaging frequencies and replace them with positive, life affirming ones.

The new solutions are:





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