​​​​Structure of Water

Gathering Chapter – The Wisdom of Kareem

We at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ think its obvious that water is not simply the ‘inert’ carrier our chemists, health, education and other systems assume.

It will hugely benefit our societies as a whole, once we can collectively understand that water can greatly differ, depending on its molecular structure.

If you think that is strange, remember that chemically, diamond and carbon are the same things, it’s just that the diamond molecules are geometrically arranged due to great pressure over time.

The distinction between water that is ‘chaotic’ and water that is ‘structured’ has been shown to be critical for human health,

as Viktor Schauberger foreshadowed.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington has argued that water has a fourth state, i.e. in addition to being solid, liquid and gas, water can also be a liquid crystal.

Check out Dr. Pollack’s TED Talk and learn lots of amazing things about water.


Structured Water and Health

Water structured in this ‘liquid crystal’ state has been shown to be crucial to our health.

To quote Professor Rustum Roy

“Structured water is most beneficial to our health.

Structured, hexagonal water acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, capable of destroying vast numbers of excess free radicals which can accumulate in our bodies and a wide variety of additional tasks that water in its basic, H2O format, cannot do.”

So you can see the caliber of just who is making these claims about water, hear just how deep this censorship goes, and mostly so you can see a tribute to this great humanitarian, who passed in August 2010, here is a tribute to the late great Dr. Rustum Roy.

How wonderful to hear Dr. Roy say, that the re-emergence of spiritual healing is the biggest single hope for healing that we are likely to see.

Dr. Rustum Roy

Dr. MuShik Jhon, President of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology and author of ‘The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key,’ goes as far as to say that:

“Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.  Replenishing the hexagonal water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease.”

“Hexagonal Water is found surrounding healthy DNA, whereas unorganized water is found surrounding the DNA of diseased tissue.”

Can anybody see that water’s role as a liquid crystal is critical to the giving and receiving of light signals that regulate our bodily processes?

We hope so!

We at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’, certainly can.

We look forward to society accepting and utilizing these magic properties of structured water and the efficiency of Nature’s vortex structure.

Living this knowledge would be a blessing to our world, according to the great visionary Viktor Schauberger, with whom we wholeheartedly agree.

He showed under laboratory conditions, including the Technical college in Stuttgart, Germany, that water flowing through a straight pipe experienced great resistance, as opposed to a spiral enclosure where water actually experienced less resistance as its velocity increased.

In fact, at certain velocities, the resistance in a spiral enclosure actually dropped to zero.

He established that vortices cause water molecules to become so organised that they tightly compress and create repeating hexagonal patterns.

Broadly speaking, as the water spirals, the structure is fine-tuned and coherence is established among the molecules.

We at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ think this is huge!

The structuring of water has enormous benefits for human and planetary health.

For example, Schauberger argued that our water transportation systems (straight pipes which sometimes make 90-degree direction changes), would lead to epidemics of sickness, such as cancer.

Given the accuracy of this prediction, we would expect his work to receive much more attention.

As more people read ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ they will wake up and see water through ‘eyes of awe’ and they will understand ‘the structure of water’ as one of Nature’s many miracles.

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