​​​​Survival of the Fittest

By itself, survival of the fittest is a dead end.

Business people are especially guilty of confusing survival of the fittest with evolution.

What’s more, although the phrase conjures up an image of a violent struggle for survival, in reality the word “fittest” seldom means the strongest or the most aggressive. On the contrary, it can mean anything from the best camouflaged or the most fecund to the cleverest or the most cooperative. Forget Rambo, think Einstein or Gandhi.

Cooperation is an incredibly successful survival strategy.

Indeed it has been the basis of all the most dramatic steps in the history of life.
Complex cells evolved from cooperating simple cells. Multicellular organisms are made up of cooperating complex cells. Superorganisms such as bee or ant colonies consist of cooperating individuals.

As Albert says “The scientists talk about survival of the fittest but it is ignorant to apply this to particular people. It should be survival of the fittingest, meaning that mankind as a species will only survive if he fits in better and cooperates with his environment.”

“That is a very good point Albert, well done.” said Crystal.

Bruce Lipton is a brilliant pioneering biologist. We love his book, ‘The Biology of Belief’. We also love ‘Spontaneous Evolution’, which is a brilliant compilation between Bruce and Steve Bhaerman. We bought the four CD compilation and listened to it over and over. We highly recommend it as an entertaining and enlightening experience.

These guys really informed us with their practical, insightful and spiritual discussion on evolution and human potential. Here is an example of their work:

“Thanks to the current paradigm of ‘scientific materialism’ [Ed, broadly, focussing only on that we can see and measure], most of us believe (if not consciously, then unconsciously) that life is a dog-eat-dog rat race, a dire competition where only the fittest survive. However, science now tells us that the Darwinian view is distorted. In actuality, environments survive and evolve as systems. Whatever helps to balance a system thrives, while that which doesn’t fit doesn’t survive.

Thus, the real evolutionary principle is survival of the ‘fittingest.’

That makes perfect sense to us.

“Bruce and Steve provide a ton of insights and wisdom on the 4CD Compilation, including suggesting that corporations are like modern day dinosaurs, getting bigger and bigger without their consciousness evolving.

We think that is so true, and Tina even says that in book 3, so a big thank you to Bruce and Steve, and a Highly Recommended classification for their 4CD compilation.”

We also found this interview from Coast to Coast AM, September 15, 2009, where Dr Lipton talks about humanity collectively having a spontaneous healing, not unlike the spontaneous remissions that some cancer patients experience an immediate healing.

We agree, its much more sensible to be ‘fitting’ as a species. We at ‘It’s Our Earth Too’ would love to see humanity awaken and try this.

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