​​​​The Cove

My name is Ivy Watkins and in my presentation, I told the class that a great way to make the world a better place would be for humans to stop treating animals cruelly and especially to stop whaling and slaughtering dolphins.  I particularly love whales because they are the largest creatures on Earth and are generally passive and gentle and I also love dolphins because I feel like I can communicate with them and they are really intelligent.   It means a lot to me that Miss let me show a clip for the movie called  The Cove, which is an award winning documentary about the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. It was made by Ric O’Barry, the man who trained the Dolphin in the successful TV show called Flipper which was a big hit in the 1970’s. Ric now spends his life trying to get all dolphins released from captivity.

The Cove is an amazing documentary about our treatment of dolphins.  As Ric says, “The Dolphins smile is nature’s greatest deception…and you realise after a while that they don’t belong in captivity.”  That alone is a very big issue, but we also slaughter dolphins and whales, which makes me cry.  I’ll let you check out the trailer below and then talk about it a bit more.

They slaughter so many dolphins and they also feed their mercury contaminated flesh to their children.  It is horrific that Japanese people are so cruel to cetaceans (they also practice whaling), but as I said in the story.   “Most Japanese people interviewed in The Cove simply didn’t know about the dolphin slaughter. I bet it’s the same with the whaling, they probably don’t know about that either. Maybe if they did know, they would be horrified just like us, maybe they would even try to stop it?”

Well now they have the opportunity to help stop the slaughter, as The Cove is available in Japanese, and…less dolphins are being killed each year.


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