​​​​The Fluoride Deception

Observations on the Fluoride Deception, by Chris Bryson


Bryson painstakingly researched the history of fluoridation. He found that Harry Hodge, the main doctor who supported it, originally also supported terrible experiments which injected uranium and plutonium into people.

A journalist named Eileen Wilson actually won a Pulitzer prize for discovering the names of the people who had been irradiated by Hodge’s team and publishing a book about it. Dr Hodge was also mentioned in the subsequent Presidential Inquiry into the radiation “tortures” and he was the guy saying fluoride was safe.

Bryson found actual memos (declassified after 50 years) which said that findings about how toxic fluoride is needed to be reworded or deleted to stop lawsuits. It has actually since been concluded that studies saying fluoride was safe were biased and would not be acceptable today.

According to Bryson, people such as Robert Keho of the Kettering Labority spent many years saying that adding lead to gasoline was not a problem. Men like Keho and Hodge simply promoted things as not being toxic, because that is what the corporations who paid them wanted. The work was funded by all the large companies, like aluminium companies that produced the waste fluoride.

An actual study on Beagle dogs found that fluoride was “profoundly toxic”. The study was not given to doctors, it was given to a committee of lawyers representing the big polluters and they simply “buried it”.

The selling of fluoride to the American Public was done by Edward Bernays, known as ‘the father of spin.’ It seems that Bernays could think of ways to convince the public of anything. At one point, the tobacco companies hired him to increase their sales and he deliberately hired doctors to tell people that smoking was healthy.


Bryson shows that Bernays was asked to come to Washington by the National Dental Institude of America to help create their campaign to sell fluoride to the nation. Now if the dentists thought fluoride was good for teeth, surely they would not need spin. He suggested that people would rely on their doctors and dentists because they trusted them.

As admitted by a senior dentist in Firewater, Bryson pointed out that most dentists don’t even know that the fluoride in the water system is industrial waste. Many years ago, the Florida phosphate industry was being sued because the fluoride leaking from their plants was killing their cattle and crops. Thanks to Bernays, they no longer have to worry about getting rid of the waste, they simply put it in tankers, ship it around the country and add it to the water supply.

Anyone who speaks up against fluoride is made out to be a lunatic, no matter what their qualifications. Not long after this practice began in 1950, Dr George Walmot, who also warned about problems from smoking, began to see all these new ailments (like back strain and muscle fatigue) and he linked these to low dose fluoride. He proved this by performing double blind experiments (which drug companies treat with such reverence) but rather than being applauded, he was heavily critisised.

Dr William Marcus was the Senior Toxicologist with the EPA’s office of water. Dr Marcus discovered that tests results about fluoride and cancer were misstated. He said the tests clearly showed that fluoride given to rats produced bone cancer and liver cancer and yet the results were doctored to look like fluoride did not cause cancer. He said it should have been made clear that fluoride was a cancer causing carcinogen, and in return for his thorough and diligent work, Dr Marcus was fired.

In the 1990’s Dr Phylis Molynix invented a technology to help study the neurotoxicolgy of chemicals. She was hired to investigate various things, but refused to even study fluoride. “Why waste time” she said “it must be safe she said because it’s given to children”. Eventually she did as she was told and found that even very low doses of fluoride produce cause ADHD and hyperactivities in lab animals.

She presented the results and when told that she was, in effect, saying that fluoridation of water is reducing children’s I.Q’s, she said yes, that is what I am saying. Within days, she was fired and her funding was cut off. “She went from being an industry funded leading neurotoxicologist at a Harvard affiliated Institude to being a voice in the wilderness”.

As David Still said in his Book’s Dedication, sometimes telling the truth is not a great career move. We salute Dr’s Phylis Molynix, William Marcus and George Walmot.

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