​​​​The Higgs Fake

My name is Mitch Waters and as you know I have always loved science.  I am sad to say that the more I learn, the more I understand about the bias of the modern scientific world.  Many new solutions are great for humanity but bad for business, so those paid to keep things the way they are assert that the new potential solutions are based on junk science, without any explanation.   The reality that has been difficult for me, is that it is mainstream science that often hides behind ‘junk science.’  One example is that the standard model of physics ignores ‘the Field’, even though its fluctuations at the atomic level are the most energetic thing ever discovered. They even cancel it out of their equations despite Einstein saying ‘the Field is all that matters.’

In my opinion, that is a shocking oversight.  A recent Nobel Prize award  inspired a book called ‘The Higgs Fake – How Particle Physicists fooled the Nobel Committee’:   In that book, Dr. Alexander Unzicker, discusses the CERN Hadron Collider in Switzerland and points out this oversight and other unbelievable shortfalls of the standard model of physics, and also, the way that none of the 1,000’s of highly paid CERN Scientists even question this.  I discovered The Higgs Fake at a time when I was really beginning to question science and hearing similar questions from an award winning science writer was a revelation.




‘The Higgs Fake – How Particle Physicists fooled the Nobel Committee’:

Dr Alexander Unzicker, discusses the CERN Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and gives great insight into its relevance and usefulness.  He is scathing that tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money are spent  at the CERN Hadron Collider, employing thousands of particle physicists, without any detailed accountability.  The great physicist Richard Feynman once described the process of learning by colliding protons, as being

“like smashing two pocket watches together and examining the debris to see how they are put together.”

Mr Unzicker, an award winning science writer and physicist, is far more scathing, but gives excellent reasoning in support of his conclusions – namely; that the standard model of physics ignores mass; which to me, seems kind of an important detail to leave out.

Here are some quotes from this book:

p4 “The news given on the 4 July 2012 CERN Press Conference was at best an abuse of language and at worst a lie.

They declared the discovery of the century and yet did not resolve a single one of the fundamental problems of physics.

P5 “particle physics, as practised since the 1930’s, is a futile enterprise in its entirety. … It has become a high tech sport that has little to do with the laws of Nature.

“P5-6   ‘It annoys me too much to see another generation of physicists deterred by the dumb messy patchwork called the standard model of particle physics, that hides the basic problems physics ought to deal with.’

“The problem is just this: the ratio of the electric and gravitational force of a proton and an electron that form a hydrogen atom is a huge number: 10 to the 39th; and nobody knows where it comes from. Period. Beware wannabe unifiers:  either you explain that number or you had better shut up.”

I strongly recommend this brave and enlightening book; as a means to see the need for independent science to be funded with at least a portion of the tens of billions of taxpayer funds poured into CERN.





Finally, I discovered in this book that almost a century ago, a physics giant named Paul Dirac, went to the trouble to provide a great clue for what Mr Unzicker calls ‘wannabe unifiers.’

Mr Dirac observed that dividing the radius of the Universe by the radius of the proton yields roughly 10 to the 39th, and the square of that number is roughly the number of protons in the Universe.

[We could have an image of ‘revelation, like a lightbulb?]

The mainstream herd seems to have ignored this clue, but Nicholas Argon elegantly explained it, of course without any recognition from the mainstream.  After all, his theories could support technologies that our disruptive to our current oil based economy.


I commend Dr. Unzicker for shining the light on out pointless assumptions, misguided science and the wasting of billions of dollars in taxpayer funds without accountability







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