​​​​The Power of Meditation


Meditation has been shown to create significant health benefits for individuals who practice for at least 15 minutes per day. This was a great revelation to David because he had been trained for so long to multi-task, stay busy, be productive etc. Despite his last name, Still, it took many messages from the Universe for David to wake up to the benefits of stillness.
For an explanation by Rebecca Gladding MD of how these benefits are actually created in the various parts of your brain, click here…

Use Your Mind To Change Your Brain

These benefits would be more widely known except for the fact that they are free, and so, the media doesn’t have its usual commercial incentive to pass on this information. It’s quite the contrary actually because meditation doesn’t increase profits for big pharma which is one of the media’s favourite clients.
What is even more surprising is that collective meditation has been shown to produce measurable benefits to the environment such as a decrease in the crime rate. This has been measured in both the US and the UK.

“anti-social behavior and aggressive-impulsive criminal behavior are stress driven behaviors, born of stress. Stress has a significant effect on the brain and group meditation is a brain-based approach to peace. A simple tool to reverse the negative effects of stress on brain functioning is meditation. The amazing part about this is that you not only effect yourself when you meditate, you effect others, contributing to the mass consciousness of the planet. – Dr. John Hagelin

There is enormous potential for collective daily meditations in places like hospitals and even prisons, and we encourage you to look into the detailed explanation in this typically thorough and comprehensive blog Finding Your Way to Stillness’ from Kimberly Carter Gamble of the Thrive Movement’

We encourage those of you reading this before 8 August 2014 to join the Global Meditation for Peace…


Meditation is not only good for the individual who practices, but for the mass consciousness as well. This is a new concept for many. There have been numerous studies that have shown that a large group of people meditating together have a measurable effect on the greater population.

You can be a part of a great movement for peace and never leave the comfort of your home. If we all come together and focus, and every individual does their part to affect the mass consciousness of humanity, we can change the world. We can bring about peace through peace, rather than peace through war.

Meditation Can Change The World


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