The story of James Linegar is one of many fascinating stories where past life memories prove reincarnation. Knowledge of past lives as a series of ‘growth opportunities’ is important and we see this knowledge as assisting with the evolution of humanity. Here is the story again:

“As a toddler James was fascinated by World War II fighter planes. He had terrible nightmares and drew graphic pictures of planes being shot down. He told his parents that he was the pilot of the shot plane and when they asked him who shot down his plane, he looked at them as if they were simple. “The Japanese” he told them. He said his boat was Natoma and when the crew of HMAS Natoma were actually tracked down by his parents; James could name them all by sight, despite being almost 50 years younger.

There was no doubt James’ last incarnation was as their ex squadron member who had been shot down, he too was named James. James Houston. Young James’ stories of the crash perfectly described what the other crew members had seen the night Older James was shot down. According to his parents,
young James later had an ‘emotional release’ when he finally went to the actual site of the crash. His parent’s said it’s like he just had to let it all go, and now he is no longer obsessive about fighter planes.

Young James talked to Older James’ sister, who was now really old. He mentioned paintings their mother did for each of them when they were young. She was clearly shocked at what this boy said to her and had no doubts this was a real reincarnation of her dead brother.”