​​​​The True Story of 11 Year Old James Linegar

My name is Tina O’Brien.  I know this sounds crazy but my mum died last year and she sometimes visits me in my dreams and explains lots of stuff to me that I remember when I wake up.  I don’t usually tell people because my dad gets mad when I mention this, but I trusted my new friend Craig enough to tell him about mum and things she told me, such as that “I am part of her soul family and that we both agreed to help the Earth at this time of change.”

Craig believed me!!  He made me so happy and had lots of information about ‘the souls journey’ and reincarnation, including doctors who have written books about peoples past lives which I mention below.  He also told me a great story about a boy named James Linegar, who had very precise  past life memories, and said the purpose of his reincarnation was to help prove reincarnation is true. He could do this with his by telling his detailed memories of his past life to people he knew in that life.

I really like Craig and I am sure my mum would too!  I was fascinated by what he told me about James Linegar, I hope you are too. I have explained it just in case something happens to the movie clip below, but please watch it, it’s really good:

“As a toddler James was fascinated by World War II fighter planes. He had terrible nightmares and drew graphic pictures of planes being shot down. He told his parents that he was the pilot of the shot plane and when they asked him who shot down his plane, he looked at them as if they were simple. “The Japanese” he told them. He said his boat was Natoma and when the crew of HMAS Natoma were actually tracked down by his parents; James could name them all by sight, despite being almost 50 years younger.

There was no doubt James’ last incarnation was as their ex squadron member who had been shot down, he too was named James. James Houston. Young James’ stories of the crash perfectly described what the other crew members had seen the night Older James was shot down. According to his parents,
young James later had an ‘emotional release’ when he finally went to the actual site of the crash. His parent’s said it’s like he just had to let it all go, and now he is no longer obsessive about fighter planes.

Young James talked to Older James’ sister, who was now really old. He mentioned paintings their mother did for each of them when they were young. She was clearly shocked at what this boy said to her and had no doubts this was a real reincarnation of her dead brother.”


It seems pretty clear to me that James Linegar was James Houston, reincarnated.  I loved it when his dad told him he really admires the journey he is on to teach people about reincarnation and he said:  “I know, that’s why I chose you to be my father?”  It’s a bit like mum and I and almost made me cry.  Anyway, I wish this really cool story was known by lots more people, it would make me more comfortable talking about mum.  In fact,  if people understood that we are having multiple lives to learn and grow and that each life is specially planned for that learning, I truly think it would drastically reduce youth suicide, which is a huge problem in Australia.  Surely it would help kids to know there is something much bigger going on than just this life.  Especially when they are feeling sad.  After all, knowing the bigger picture about mum’s journey has certainly helped me to deal with her passing.

Thanks for reading this. Tina xo


P.S.  Craig told me about an amazing Medical Doctor who learned about reincarnation and has written books about it. Craig’s good like that, he knows so much stuff.  If you want to know a lot more about this, I suggest you check out Dr. Brian L. Weiss, MD

P.P.S Craig told me he read about James Linegar in Readers Digest and they tried to say it wasn’t true.  They only talked about all the technical stuff he knew about planes and he said he could have discovered this in a museum, but they didn’t mention all the things he could never have known, like how he knew each squadron member by name and knew about paintings his mum gave he and his sister.  I don’t understand why they would try to make people think this amazing story isn’t true?

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