​​​​Who Killed the Electric Car

Dane showed a trailer for the Movie Who Killed the Electric Car, a movie about the invention and suppression of an electric car. The cars worked really well and people were lining up to buy them but the car company, obviously under pressure from someone, still went ahead and crushed them all for scrap metal.

“So what happens when the car company’s decision can potentially affect the whole planet?” said Dane.

“That’s a really good point Dane,” said Crystal, “there is a conflict of interest between profits and the planet.”


‘It’s Our earth Too’ recommends this movie, if you are interested in seeing how hard it is to break through with alternatives to oil. When you see people wanting to buy the cars and yet the cars are being ‘crushed’ instead, well it’s pretty powerful.

It is interesting to hear people say, ‘why didn’t we know about this, why wasn’t it on TV?’

Is a valid alternative to the oil industry newsworthy?

What about when it’s being suppressed?

We think it is..!! It’s pretty crazy when you think about it, Dane’s comments on the media and about society being hypnotized are pretty spot on we reckon.

“You know, it really shows how important the media is,” said Dane. “Something this terrible should be world news. We only hear about the whaling when people like Greenpeace ram into the whaling boats. We need some sort of people’s media, media that is actually true. It’s just mental, we need to know about these real things, instead of the crap they feed us and call news.”

Here is Who Killed The Electric Car? (Documentary) (Part 1 of 8) We hope you enjoy it.

Directed by Chris Paine Starring Martin Sheen, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson.

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