​​​​Written In Frustration

Those who are interested in Written in Frustration, will also be interested in The Story of a Remarkable Medicine. This book details the Jack Dreyfus’s extraordinary life and how his experience of depression led him to discover phenytoin and dedicate the rest of his life to helping people all over the world.


This book follows on from his earlier work ‘The story of a Remarkable Medicine.’ According to Amazon, it “Chronicles more than forty years of experience confronting the flaw in our system of bringing prescription medicines to the public. In the spirit of the great American satirist Mark Twain, the author employs his customary humor and wit to explore the question of how a remarkable medicine can continue to be overlooked in this country.”
We recommend these books for anyone who wants to learn about the practical impediments to making a medicine with proven benefits, but no patent protection, available to the American Public.


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